Has BioNTech admitted that the Covid vaccine is not effective and safe? The truth

Could BioNTech really have admitted that the Covid vaccine is not effective or safe? According to what several Italian newspapers are reporting, the alarming news of the day would be that of alleged ineffectiveness or safety of the vaccine most widely distributed in our country: Pfizer.

The news emerges following the publication of a document intended for the American version of ours Consobas reported Open. However, the document, in its entirety, does not seem to admit that the Covid vaccine is not effective, even if decontextualized it may appear like this. In fact, the document is linked to guarantees for investors and it has little to do withscientific evidence of vaccines encountered in the past. In fact, it is good to remember that the BioNTech vaccine has already been approved by the FDA and EMA and has passed several stages of investigations.

The news badly told e decontextualized it thus turned into a parliamentary question. The senator of the Mixed group Bianca Laura Granato attacked the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. This is a symptom of the inevitable low scientific literacy of politics; the same one that is ready to join the no-vax bandwagon so as not to lose that part of the electorate that takes information from Facebook groups more seriously than scientific evidence.

BioNTech and the ineffective anti Covid vaccine: the badly reported news

The news passed off by some Italian (and non-Italian) newspapers according to which the Pfizer vaccine has never been safe. It seems, according to the decontextualization carried out, that the company BioNTech admitted the ineffectiveness and lack of safety in the vaccine in a document filed with the Seca market regulator in the United States.

The phrase that caused the greatest stir is this:

We may not be able to demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of our vaccine to gain permanent regulatory approval in the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, or other countries where the vaccine has been approved.

The comments on that statement all revolve around the same alarmist tone and sound something like this: the drug approved in an emergency and administered worldwide may not have what it takes for final approval.

BioNTech and the ineffective anti Covid vaccine: what the company really said

The above part, the sentence under indictment, is only a small part of the document filed by BioNTech. The document, which dates back to March 30, 2022, was intended for a body that does not deal with scientific data and drugs, on the contrary deals with markets and in particular of irregularities and unfair competition between companies.

It therefore seems quite probable that some corporate ritual formulas have been mistaken for scientific evidence. An interpretation of a sentence which, however, risks casting doubt on the scientific data collected so far, such as for example the passing of the three phases of the trial and the approval of bodies in various countries where Pfizer BioNTech’s vaccine has been distributed. .

The greatest risk, in addition to creating alarm, is that of justify the no-vax current present in the country and give space to those who speak out for this line of thinking based more on fear and conspiracies than on scientific evidence. So much so that the same news of this document was picked up by the Italian Facebook groups, which translated the US ones, more than a month after the fact itself.

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Has BioNTech admitted that the Covid vaccine is not effective and safe? The truth

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