Hybrid car tax, but what a saving: if you do not pay this tax you will get a fine per day

When we buy hybrid cars we must be careful to calculate the tax to be paid to the region. Here is the whole truth about the costs to be made.

Hybrid cars saving stamp – Motori.News

When we are in one dealership or in a shop of retailers of Automobiles we are always uncertain about the choice of our vehicle and often the engine and its type is what convinces us to buy a car instead of another.

We must deal not only with the needs we have, so if we prefer a utility car to use it in the city and in everyday life or if we need a vehicle that travels long miles and travels on particular terrains.

Hybrid cars: here’s how to calculate the road tax without making mistakes

These elements lead us to also have to choose the way in which our car feeds itself and therefore if the engine needs a fuel such as gas or like the diesel keeping in mind the environmental problems.

In fact, the diesel has been causing quite a bit of controversy in recent years due to the fact that the fuel in question would increase the amount of CO2 in the air and is harmful to the environment.

For this reason we are trying to find a solution that could also be drastic and lead to the extinction of diesel cars in about 10 years by producing only those with gasolines or electric.

To ensure that the environment has no problems, electric cars have been made, but despite being present on the market, they seem not to be taken into much consideration by buyers.

Hybrid cars: here's how to calculate the road tax
The hybrid car uses two engines, one endothermic and the other electric – Motori.news

This is because they are not very suitable for traveling long distances and also for the fact that there are few columns where to recharge our car in the cities and therefore in case of need to recharge it would be difficult to find one compared to petrol and diesel stations.

For this reason, the hybrid cars which combine endothermic engines with electric ones and therefore it would be a fair compromise between the two.

In addition, to facilitate the purchase, the government has allocated discounts and of incentives on the purchase of this type of car in order to increase its sale and curb the problem of air pollution.

Hybrid cars: here's how to calculate the road tax
The hybrid car is the right combination of two types of petrol and electric cars – Motori.news

But even this type of car, like all the others, needs to have a tax that we must calculate and pay to the relevant region in order not to incur penalties and legal problems.

The calculation

As for the cost of the tax on a car hybridit is necessary to calculate only and only the tax based on the kW of the internal combustion engine and not to do, as often happens, the calculation on the sum of the two engines of the car system.

So just do the calculation on the petrol engine and the road tax Kw it must be paid on the basis of the calculation placed on it and then paid for it so that it ends up in the coffers of our region to be able to circulate without any problem.

This procedure may seem strange but it is the most correct one, since the tax of ownership of a vehicle is always referred to the number of horsepower it is able to deliver.

Hybrid cars: here's how to calculate the road tax
We need to calculate the road tax of our hybrid car only in reference to the Kw of the endothermic engine – Motori.news

Although it might be misleading because buying a hybrid it is thought that thanks to the electric engine it is possible to lower the amount to be paid but it is necessary to think of the car as if it were a classic endothermic as regards the fiscal side.

However, there are regional exemptions and the calculation must not be made immediately but also after a few years, but it is always better to be ready and aware of the way in which this must be done.

So when we are about to decide which car to buy, we must also take this particularity into account and evaluate which car is right for us and for our pockets.

How much are the penalties?

“Anyone who pays the stamp duty within the first 14 days beyond the expiry of the tolerance suffers a penalty of 0.1% for each day of delay. Therefore, whoever fulfills on the fourteenth day will have to pay a fine of 1.4%; whoever pays the stamp duty from the 15th to the 30th day after the deadline suffers a penalty equal to 1.5%; from the 30th to the 90th day the penalty is 1.67%; from the 90th day to 1 year the penalty is 3.75%. Once the useful year for the active repentance has expired, the penalty for failure to pay the car tax is equal to 30% of the amount due plus an interest of 0.5% for every six months of delay “explains La Legge for All.

Virtually every day that passes the penalty you will have to pay will be higher, we advise you to always pay before the deadline in order not to incur nasty surprises.

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Hybrid car tax, but what a saving: if you do not pay this tax you will get a fine per day

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