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Now it’s official: if the traffic police stop you with a license that is not suitable for the type of vehicle you are driving, they cannot give you a fine. The law provides for it in these cases.

Each type of vehicle has its own driving license. But, one thing is certain: to drive on public roads you need to have this document.

If they find you with the wrong license you don’t risk a fine (Canva)

Each vehicle has its own driving license

Category B of the driving license is the most common and which allows those who follow it to get behind the wheel of any car with up to nine seats, including the driver’s seat. Obviously, as everyone knows, there are numerous categories of driving licenses ranging from A to E.

To drive two-wheeled and three-wheeled mopeds is required the AM license obtainable from the age of 14. Then there is the A license which is used to drive all types of motorcycles with a displacement greater than 50 CC. It is possible to obtain this type of document from the age of 21, for vehicles with power up to 15 KW, and from the age of 24 for motor vehicles with an engine capacity greater than 50 CC. If the person who wants to obtain this license has already obtained the A2 type, he can, however, access the license exam even at the age of twenty.

There driving license A1 instead, it is used for motorcycles up to 125 CC and that A2 for two-wheeled vehicles up to 35 KW. Then there is the driving license B 96 which allows the driving of trucks with non-light trailers that can reach up to 4.25 tons achievable from 18 years.

There license B is for non-light trailers and the B1 for non-light quadricycles obtainable from the age of 16. Then there is the driving license C for the transport of things even with light towing up to 750 kg and the driving license D for motor vehicles used for the transport of people above eight passengers with a light trailer.

If they find you with the “wrong” driving license you don’t risk a fine

As for the most widespread, that is the driving license B, for some time, is It is possible to take the exam with a car with automatic transmission rather than with the manual gearbox. But this difference implies of the limits established by law. L’theory exam is the same as all the others, but, after choosing to take the practical exam in a car with automatic transmission, you must be aware that, under the law, the license remains limited to driving for vehicles with automatic transmission.

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On the back of the document, in fact, it will be noted that the ” EU code is harmonized 78 ″: to the driver, therefore, you will be prevented from driving vehicles with manual transmission.

But, due to a regulatory vacuum, Article 116 paragraph 5, which explains that anyone who has obtained a driving license with an automatic gearbox cannot drive a geared vehicle, does not include any sanctions. Here then explains the reason why if you were to find yourself with a license not used for driving in gears, you would not risk any fine until, of course, the rule was revised and corrected.

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If they stop you without the right license, no fine | The law provides for it – Mondofuoristrada.it

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