If you find this one euro coin you can become rich in the dark: “It is worth 20 thousand euros!” – TechCave.it

One euro coins that are no longer in circulation or have been printed incorrectly are worth a fortune. It is not easy to find this type of coins (otherwise their price would not be so high) but if you are lucky enough to intercept one and put it on sale you can earn staggering figures.

Numismatics fans are very numerous and exchange information and gossip just as if they were an exclusive club. Getting into it is not easy because they are rather evasive and suspicious people but once you get inside the circle a world of information and very juicy anecdotes opens up.

To understand the world of collecting, especially what concerns coins, you need to become an expert not only about the market price but also about the historical context in which a coin becomes collectible. The reason for its value is often linked to a historical event that occurred in a given year.

The 1 euro and 2 euro coins are the ones that we find most frequently in the collectors’ network because with the advent of the euro, there have been many printing errors and events or commemorations that have given rise to particular coins. Two in particular I want to illustrate in this article because they are really worth a fortune.

One euro coin that is worth a fortune

As we all know, the Italian one euro coin has a facade that corresponds to all the other European coins and one that is closely linked to Italy. Our nation has decided to honor the genius of Leonardo da Vinci in one of the largest coin denominations. And he did it by imprinting the image of the Vitruvian Man.

The one euro coin depicting an ‘R’ placed on the left of the Vitruvian Man is the classic coin that we find in circulation every day. And that we certainly also have in our portfolio. But if this ‘R’ is absent then it is as if we have won the lottery because that coin is worth a fortune.

The piece was coined by mistake and is therefore very rare. If we find it, perhaps in perfect condition or ‘Brilliant Uncirculated’ as they say in the jargon, we could earn the entire value which is around 40 thousand euros. If, on the other hand, it has an ‘S’ on the golden border, the price is close to 20 thousand euros.

The prices are calculated on a coin that appears as soon as it has been printed and therefore has almost never entered circulation, thus avoiding the oxidation effect typical of the coins we exchange every day. Therefore, whoever sells it means that they got it somehow and kept it without circulating it. Or he immediately knew the mistake and waited for the right moment to put it up for sale.

But if you are not an expert and you find yourself on your hands one of these coins it would be better to contact an expert so as to evaluate together the best sales method and the indicated channel. So as not to run into scams or scams that are quite frequent in this field.

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If you find this one euro coin you can become rich in the dark: “It is worth 20 thousand euros!” – TechCave.it

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