If you have chosen this “protection” you can do anything with your car | Nothing will scare you but don’t overdo it

It is therefore one of the police forces most appreciated by motorists. But when choosing, always be very careful

The owners of a vehicle must necessarily subscribe to a Third Party Liability policy, or insurance coverage for the Civil Liability of the Vehicle. And what we’re going to talk about today is insurance insurance. With this, you will be safe!

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Often, however, It is very difficult to find your way around the mare magnum that insurance agencies offer. And the risk of signing something cheap is always around the corner. The insurance therefore protects against damage to third parties that the motorist can cause. Civil Liability is the mandatory policy for each vehicle circulating on the road: covers damage unintentionally caused to third parties by the insured vehicle, even when it is parked.

To decide who to rely on, however, one must however be very careful because mistakes and scams are always around the corner. The first and basic advice is to check that the insurance companies you want to rely on are duly registered in Italy. This can be verified via the website of the Insurance Supervisory Institute. Fundamental to avoid scams, in a historical period in which citizens are bombarded, even by telephone, by offers and proposals.

Speaking of proposals. Very often, the insurance agent offers the conclusion of the contract at a bargain price. If that cost is too low and makes you suspicious, you are probably right. It is necessary to verify what the deductible cost is foreseen by the insurance. The deductible is a clause included in the contract which provides that part of the damage is borne by the insured and not by the company. Very often, the offer is very low because then the “surprise” is a very high deductible.

The insurance that protects you from everything

Another prodromal step is the correct classification of the merit class. As is known, the cost varies from the class in which it is entered. Which, in turn, is established on the basis of the number of accidents carried out. The fewer accidents you have in the “curriculum” the more there is the possibility of having advantageous prices. But sometimes the inclusion in the class is not done correctly by the companies.

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Kasko insurance (web source)

Therefore it is better to take a little more time and carefully read all the passages of the contract. For example the part relating to accessory clauses. The most famous is Kasko, who also compensates when we are wrong in the accident.

With Kasko, in fact, it is possible to receive compensation regardless of liability. This will allow us to repair or replace the vehicle, even if we are wrong in the accident. It therefore protects us in case of overturning, off the road or accidental collisions. Even in the event of a rash maneuver, if our vehicle is insured with the Kasko we can largely limit the damage we have caused to our car and to others.

It is therefore one of the police forces most appreciated by motorists. Be careful, however, why the most serious circumstances remain outside, that is, when the accident is due to alcohol or drug use. Or in the event of a crime envisaged by the Criminal Code, such as road murder.

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If you have chosen this “protection” you can do anything with your car | Nothing will scare you but don’t overdo it

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