If you have used gold you are very rich: this is what it is worth today

If you have used gold at home, it could mean that you are already very rich. The value of the safe haven asset par excellence has in fact increased a lot in recent times, and if you wanted to sell some object today, you would get a much higher figure than in the recent past.

The motivation for this is unfortunately also linked to the international socio-economic instability, linked to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, to the growth of international tension, to the problems with the supply from energy sources. Big investors take refuge in gold, increasing the demand and therefore the price. This determines an increase in the value of our objects. Here is what the gold used in our homes is worth today.

Here is what the gold used is worth today

The current value of 24 karat gold is 56.36 Euros per gram. The evaluation framework for used gold is completed with the following values: 18 k gold is worth 42.20 euros / gram, 14 k gold has reached the value of 32.89 euros / gram, while 9k currently travels on 18.67 euros per gram.

These are very important values ​​on both the medium-term and the short-term past history. Looking at how much gold was worth in the past, we realize that the precious metal has grown in value by 544% in the last 20 years and 71% in the last two. The growth in the value of gold in the last year is also very evident, and in these hours it seems to be returning to rise after a period in which it seemed to have stabilized at 55 Euro / gram.

Here’s what to do if you want to sell now

It is easy to imagine how a precious object weighing only 10 grams, perhaps 18 carats, can be worth around 400 Euros today. This is a very significant value which could be absolutely worth taking advantage of. If you have decided to go to a “buy gold” to sell your object, remember to weigh your gold in any case, even if only with the kitchen scale. Although it is not the buyer’s precision sling, it will allow you a rough estimate that will allow you to take into consideration or not the offer that will be presented to you.

Give preference to “Compro Oro” whose professionalism is recognized. Both from online reviews, but also from the registration of the operator to the OAM, a mandatory national register from which, unfortunately, there are still many operators in this field still missing.

Used Gold: forecasts on the future value

Is it possible to predict whether the gold used will appreciate further? Well, it is not easy to do this type of operation both on safe-haven assets, as on stocks or on cryptocurrencies. The specialized sites indicate possible further increases above 60 Euro / gram even in the next 2 years, while the exceeding of 70 Euro / Gram is now regularly expected from here at least three years later. These are projections that have already been revised compared to the recent past, when gold already exceeded 60 euros per gram last March, and its value seemed subject to a much more immediate surge.

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If you have used gold you are very rich: this is what it is worth today

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