Incentives – Giorgetti: “The remodeling of bonuses is a must”

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Incentives <\ / b> – Giorgetti: \ “The remodeling of bonuses is a must \” <\ / p> “, ” type “:” image “,” small_url “:” /content/dam/quattroruote/it/news/industria-finanza/2022/08/03/giorgetti_incentives_the_rimodulation_of_bonus_and_doverosa/gallery/rsmall/ministro-Giancarlo-Giorgetti-11.jpg”,”big_url”:”httpsuote.quattroratics .it / content / dam / quattroruote / en / news / industry-finance / 2022/08/03 / incentives_giorgetti_the_rimodulation_of_bonus_and_doverosa / gallery / rbig / minister-Giancarlo-Giorgetti-11.jpg “,” caption “:”

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Sales of electric cars remain steady, despite the incentives: if the market a July showed -0.8%, the EVs recorded a hefty -29%. Corrections are sought for a standard that is not giving the expected results. For this reason, the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti has proposed one remodeling of the bonus. And on the eve of the discussion of the amendment, which will not be included in the Aid Bis decree, but in an ad hoc provision, he explains to Quattroruote the reasons for this choice.

Minister Giorgetti, the incentives for electric and plug-in hybrids are largely still available. What corrective measures do you plan to adopt?
The bonuses on traditional cars, petrol and diesel, however low-emission, ran out within a few days. The same has not happened for electric and plug-in hybrids. For this reason, I consider it a duty to reshape the offers. As Mise we have already presented our proposals which I hope will be converted into the first useful provision by the Prime Minister.

For those who have an income of 30,000 euros an electric, which costs at least 30,000 without incentives, is it not likely to be prohibitive in any case?
I don’t like to say “I said so”, but I have always maintained that, even in the sacrosanct path of the transition, we must take into account that currently the electric car is considered and used as a second car, especially in the city. These are expensive cars. However, we have proposed to extend the amount of the bonus, within the limits of the resources now available. In practice, the current incentive is increased by 50% compared to the discount already provided for those with an income of less than 30 thousand euros per year. It means that if today to buy an electric car you can benefit from a discount ranging from 3 thousand to 5 thousand euros if there is also scrapping, with our proposal you go to 4,500 up to a maximum of 7,500 euros. The same goes for plug-in hybrids, which could enjoy a discount of between 3,000 and 6,000 euros with scrapping. Currently the reduction is between 2 and 4 thousand euros.

Companies have been excluded from the benefit, but they are the ones that could boost electric and plug-in hybrids the most. Aren’t you thinking of extending the bonus to them too, as the trade associations ask for?
The exclusion certainly did not occur for ideological reasons, mind you. But with the size of the resources available, we had to make choices and we favored those who do not have further direct or indirect facilitating tools. Companies, on the other hand, are already able to download many costs on new purchases.

Rental is also excluded. Why not include this modality among those with which you are entitled to the bonus?
The same is true: of course it would be better to be able to enlarge the perimeter, but for now this is not possible due to the limited resources available.


The incentives should above all renew one of the oldest cars in Europe (the average age of 11.5 years). Those for cars with emissions between 61 and 135 g / km CO2 worked. Is it possible to refinance them?
It is a political choice, first of all. Personally – I think it is quite well known – I am in favor of technological neutrality and therefore without prejudice. The theme is to ensure consistency between environmental purposes and the related commitments to achieve the objective. At the same time – again on this I repeat myself and I apologize – the transition to work must be a choice made on the balance of three elements: environment, economy and social sustainability. It is like a small table with three legs: to stand up it cannot have unevenness.

The decree also introduces a further contribution for the columns. What does it consist of?
In the remodeling we have added a new bonus to facilitate the creation of columns for private recharging in the garages and in the condominium spaces. A measure already welcomed, in hypothesis, with great favor by the companies concerned. Basically, a contribution equal to 80% of the purchase price of the installation is envisaged for a maximum of 1,500 euros for each applicant and 8,000 euros if the intervention takes place in condominiums. We have planned to divert € 40 million for this specific measure.

For the recharging network, the 750 million of the NRP is essential. Does the fall of the government put them at risk?
I don’t like doing terrorism in general and I believe that on such important issues it is good to avoid any kind of propaganda, even if we are now in an electoral campaign climate. The current government will do everything to keep the schedule and we will leave the cards in order to allow to continue, for those who will come, the path taken and that we are respecting on time and in terms. The latest figures tell us that the accounts are in order and the growth prospects are good. This is also thanks to the work that this government has done.

You have repeatedly spoken out in favor of technological neutrality, but in the European Parliament the line of electricity only prevailed. However, there is an industrial sector to be protected, 70,000 jobs at risk, a market to be supported. What can be done to reopen the game?
It is necessary to intervene not only with an incentive campaign, but also with important measures for industrial requalification and conversion. In our proposal we ask for the strengthening of development contracts for 70% while the remaining 30% in agreements for innovation. This is 50 million left in the automotive fund in ’22 and another 350 million for each year from ’23 to ’24. It is a good start to foster the development on the Italian territory of productive realities that go in the direction of the green in the wake of the ecological transition. I believe we need to think about industrial reconversion now and not wait until 2029. We have done everything possible to raise awareness among European partners on the importance (and for us necessity) of addressing this issue with a non-ideological spirit and I like to remember that we are were the only ones, followed by Germany, not to sign a commitment to electricity only at Cop26 in Glasgow. The hope is that the next government will continue on this path in favor of the workers and in the interest of the Italian industry which today – is known and even more so to your readers – is certainly not a leader in the production of electric cars and motorcycles.

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Incentives – Giorgetti: “The remodeling of bonuses is a must”

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