Internet bonus, 300 euros for families: what it is, who is entitled to and from when

There are several bonuses coming for families and among these there is also the voucher worth 300 euros for theFast internet in the house. At the moment, it must be said, this new Internet bonus of 300 euros, which should not be confused with the one already granted to businesses (here all the information about it), is not yet operational, but it will soon be.

In fact, significant progress has been made so that the 300 euro bonus for fast internet can be soon extended to all familiesregardless of what the value of the ISEE.

On the other hand, the government’s plan – while also respecting the objectives defined with the NRP – is to bring ultra-fast Internet everywhere, with a connection of at least 30 Mbps download speed. And it is for this reason that we want to encourage families to activate a faster Internet line and what better way to do it than by recognizing a bonus worth 300 euros that will help to pay the first months of the subscription.

After the 200 euro bonus arriving in the paycheck, and on the pension, useful to cope with the high prices, here will soon be another one with which instead families will be able to meet the expenses necessary for activate the Internet in the house.

Internet bonus 300 euros: when it arrives

As anticipated, the Internet bonus of 300 euros is not yet operational, but it will be soon. In detail, to announce the arrival of the voucher in question was Infratela company managed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Before introducing it, however, we will have to wait a few more weeks. In detail, in the next few days Infratel will launch a public consultation on its website where anyone, both operators in the sector and interested parties, will be able to express their opinions and make comments about this plan (you can send an email to The deadline for this phase is set at May 31, 2022; after which the program will be presented and notified to the European Commission, and then regulated by a specific decree of the Mise with which the procedures for using the new bonus will be defined.

Internet bonus 300 euros: to whom it belongs

As anticipated, this bonus will be up to all familiesregardless of the Isee seen that there are no income limits. In detail, they will be able to request the bonus color che they don’t have an internet line at home and intend to activate it, or those who have one low speed linethat is less than 30 Mbps (minimum necessary to be entitled to the voucher), and they want to improve it.

It follows that families who already have an Internet line at home that exceeds this connection speed in download they will not be entitled to the voucher.

Only one bonus per family and up to the exhaustion of resources will be granted. However, it is very likely that priority will be given to families living in the most disadvantaged territorial areas, such as mountain municipalities.

Internet bonus 300 euros: how to use it

The voucher in question can therefore be used to activate Internet services with a maximum download speed of at least 30 Mpbs. The value of the bonus is 300 euros because – according to the surveys carried out by Infratel taking into account the prices of the offers currently on the market – this figure is sufficient to cover the activation and subscription costs for a period up to 24 months.

This will be paid out in the form of Discount on the activation cost, when present, and on the amount of the individual monthly fees. The voucher includes the supply of the relative electronic devices, such as the modem.

An important factor is that – to avoid that the aforementioned bonus has a negative impact on the dynamics of competition between operators in the sector – it will not be possible to bind customers to the contract for which the voucher was used. The operator change it will therefore always be allowed, and in this case it will also be possible to use, if necessary, the residual amount of the bonus for the activation of the new line.

Internet bonus 300 euros: no request is required

Given the above, therefore, the request should not serve to be entitled to the aforementioned bonus. This, in fact, should be automatically recognized by the operator when the new contract is activated.

Not just Internet bonuses: Spid and Pec are coming for free

Already today it is possible to obtain Spid digital identity credentials for free.

Often, however, the identity provider they charge a certain price when the person is authenticated by means of video recognition. For this reason, Infratel’s intention is to break down this last wall as well, establishing that even the remotely activated Spid becomes free. The same should apply to those who need to activate a checkbox certified e-mail (Pec).

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Internet bonus, 300 euros for families: what it is, who is entitled to and from when

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