It is written Heineken but it reads scam: this is how they empty current accounts

Risks that everyone are afraid of encountering on the web continue to appear with increasing frequency.

Today more than butIt is fair to consider the web as something absolutely wonderful but incredibly dangerous to sex. There are now many cases in which the same network he is an accomplice in spite of himself of incredible scams. Millions and millions of victims all over the world guilty only of having underestimated apparently linear dynamics and downright accommodating.


Recent times have reported more than ever the presence of profound risks for users on the web. Cases of fraud are increasing and moreover these are manifested in ever more accurate and convincing forms. In some cases, distinguish a scam attempt from any communication by e-mail or sms it has become really complicated. The elements present in some cases they might helpof course, but they are always well hidden in any case.

In most casesbeing online scams we can find ourselves in front of the classic message with captivating contents, which combined with the ubiquitous link can actually guide unknowingly the victim towards one of the most unpleasant adventures possible. Being robbed not only of personal data, private information and so on, but also of one’s savings. From stumbling to fallingin short, in some cases the step is really short.

Today more than ever, the attention of users must be placed in what we receive. Mail or text messages can hide even imaginable scams. Furthermore, the work of the bad guys often comes the use of well-known brands, also clearly unaware victims who have the task of providing security to potential victims in some way. One of the latest cases of scam via web found is truly incredible due to the presence of such elements.

It is written Heineken but it is read scam: this is how they rob citizens on the web

To pay the price, this time, besides the citizens who are victims of the scam in question is the beer giant Heineken. A well-researched scam capable of engaging thousands of users and bringing them where the bad guys prefer. It all ends with the theft of personal information and worse still the savings on the financial product provided. Current account or prepaid card changes little. Scammers can arrive practically everywhere.

The content of the scam messagegenerally sent through WhatsApp or Telegram, shows in the foreground a quite fascinating inscription: “Win ​​a mini fridge full of Heineken”. Same colors, same logo of the well-known Dutch house. A simple quiz to take with the promise of winning more than satisfactory prizes. The link on display to access the questions to be answered and that’s it. Users fell for it entirely.

Something similar in the past it had already happened by targeting other fairly established brands. Among these we remember the Conad and Nespresso cases. Even in that case sumptuous prizes promised but in the end only the awareness of having been robbed. The Heineken contest, elusive, clearly even mentions the well-known Bavarian Oktoberfest festival. A perfect mix capable of intriguing and involving thousands of victims. The system set up by the bad guys allows you to make two attempts before giving the right answer to the quiz submitted.

The correct answer allows victims to be redirected to a different page with a link to share with at least 20 people to access the next page. Subsequently victims will always have to fill out a form with their personal data and pay 2 euros for the shipping costs of the prize. At this point once you have entered your ATM credentialscredit or prepaid card, they will make themselves available to the bad guys all your savings.

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In short, maximum alert, should such communication be received. This is a nice and good scam. Ignoring the content of that message altogether could save your savings from certain doom, which wouldn’t really be bad.

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It is written Heineken but it reads scam: this is how they empty current accounts

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