Italian car market: another collapse in April

Car registrations fell by 33% compared to a year ago. Only full hybrids are saved. Industry: urgent approval of the implementing decrees for the green light to state incentives. Among the brands, in contrast, Cupra recorded very strong growth. Good performance in their respective segments for Dacia Spring and Sandero, as well as Mercedes C-Class

New month, new collapse. Also in April 2022 the car market in Italy suffered a heavy setback: a decline of 33% on the same month of the previous year. This performance represents the second negative record of the last twelve months. 97,339 cars were registered, as evidenced by the Unrae processing, equal to 48,000 fewer. The situation is not significantly better if we consider the first four months of the year. In fact, even in this period the decline is very strong, corresponding to 26.5% over the first quarter of 2021.

Italian auto market April 2022: sharp decline

Everyone forgives. Registrations in April 2022 see petrol cars with -42.9%, diesel -38.5%, LPG -23.2%. Methane continues to suffer very violent falls due to the stratospheric prices of fuel, -73.6%, who knows if the cut in excise duties will be able to rectify the situation. Even the electrified are not doing well: -25% the mild hybrids, -17.1% the plug-ins. Electricity recorded a heavy -37.2%. Only the full hybrids are in contrast, marking an 11.3% growth. Looking at the January-April period, we see electric at -20.8%, mild hybrid at -13.3%, plug-in at -1.6% and full hybrid at + 12.5%. While gasoline-powered cars plummeted to -39.1%, diesel -37.8%, methane -63.8%. LPG, on the other hand, is still positive: + 6%.

New car sales collapse: the industry, incentives must be activated

The incentives for the purchase of new cars have been approved but are not yet in force because the implementing decrees are lacking. The concern of the manufacturers is therefore understandable. The president of Unrae (Union of foreign motor vehicle representatives), Michele Crisci, declared: “The long wait for the incentives looming over the sector has been wearing down the market since the beginning of the year; it is to be hoped that in the next few days the necessary Dpcm on incentives will be published, an act necessary to revive the curve of registrations which for too many months has been oriented downwards. In order to guarantee maximum operation to the sales networks, we also hope that the FAQ and the Invitalia platform will be ready starting from the day of the publication of the Dpcm in the Official Gazette . Finally, we hope that as soon as possible we can discuss how to modify the original incentive system, including legal entities in the benefits, an increasingly important category in the mobility market and, therefore, the driving force of the energy transition. Their exclusion from incentives, added to a tax treatment that already penalizes Italian companies and reduces their competitiveness in the European context, certainly it does not help the country’s decarbonisation process “. On the same line Paolo Scudieri, president of Anfia (Italian automotive industry chain): “To avoid further damage to the market it is necessary to accelerate this process as much as possible, so as to stimulate the recovery of demand, already heavily penalized by the slowdowns in the supply of raw materials and components and therefore of the production processes “. Of course, the dealers are also concerned. Adolfo De Stefani Cosentinopresident of Federauto (federation of Italian dealers), comments: “In a situation where the market is essentially at a standstill, with a loss of approximately 156,800 units compared to the first quarter of 2021, we are unable to capitalize on the already low purchase intentions of customers; the keeping of our balance sheets and the very survival of our companies is at risk “.

car brands april 2022: general crash, cupra runs fast

Looking at the car brands, the numbers are equally merciless. Among the manufacturers with the highest volumes, in April (Unrae processing) Fiat recorded -37.2%, Volkswagen -38.1%, Toyota -11.8%, Ford -34.8%. So Peugeot -51.7%, Jeep -35%, Citroen -47%, Opel -43.7%, Renault -42.8%, Mercedes-Benz -32.6%, BMW -17.8%, Audi – 25.4% – Lancia -46.7%, Alfa Romeo -4.6% .. On the smaller volumes we note the growth of Honda, + 61%, DS + 27%, DR + 96%. Cupra continues in its run with a growth of 193%.

Looking at the list of the best-selling cars in Italy from January to April 2022, in segment A they are almost all in sharp decline. Always at the top are Fiat Panda, Fiat 500 and Kia Picanto. On the other hand, the performance of the electric Dacia Spring was consistent, in its first year in the ranking, seventh place. In segment B the only one to grow is the Dacia Sandero (12,310 registrations in the four-month period) which is approaching the top still occupied by the Lancia Ypsilon (13,508). In segment C only the Kia Sportage (3,987) rises, in ninth position while the Jeep Compass remains at the top. In segment D, a slight increase for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (2,745, 6th place) in a generalized decline. Fair growth for the Audi Q5 (2,147, eighth position) and high performance for the new Mercedes C-Class (1,704, tenth). Leading Ford Kuga (6,452) whose decline was less than that of the others.

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Italian car market: another collapse in April

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