Jobs 110: what happens if you sell your house before you recover everything

In recent years they have undoubtedly been the most used facilities by Italian taxpayers who had to fix up the house. And they were also the most important tools for relaunching sectors notoriously in crisis such as the construction sector, or the maintenance of buildings. We speak of course about tax bonuses on home renovations.

Selling a house before taking advantage of the benefits of tax deductions

Between old and new incentives, in recent years there have been many opportunities to take advantage of building concessions for taxpayers. A topic, however, that needs further study and that leaves more than a few doubts even to those who have already used them.

In fact, one of our readers asks us something quite particular about the house on which he used the facilities.

“For work reasons I have to move permanently to another Italian city other than mine. I intend to buy a house in the new city after I have sold mine, on which I already have a buyer. I renovated my house last year with the Superbonus and I still have to recover another eight annuities of the deduction due. Can I continue to enjoy the deductions despite selling the house? “

What to do when you sell a house after the start of the concessions

Our reader’s question is not a rarity, because many taxpayers are wondering what to do when deciding to sell a previously renovated house with concessions. One thing that all taxpayers who have used them know is that these benefits come in the form of tax deductions. Except for discounts on invoices and preventive credit transfers, these bonuses can be recovered year after year through tax returns. These are in effect tax credits that can be de facto amortized over ten tax years. It is clear that selling a house before completing the return of these deductions puts them at risk.

We forwarded the question to our in-house café consultant.

Unless otherwise chosen, the deductions follow the property and pass to the buyer

Our reader should know that when he sells the house to his buyer, he also cedes the right to enjoy the deductions. In fact, with the property the deduction also passes to the new owner, naturally for the part still to be used. In fact, the deduction is up to whoever is the owner of the property on 31 December of the year in which the deed is made by the notary. A loophole, however, the seller continues to have it, however safeguard your right to the facilitation. To continue to enjoy the deduction still due, a clause must be inserted in the deed, or even simply in an additional private agreement between the parties, which provides for the confirmation of the seller’s right to deductions.

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Jobs 110: what happens if you sell your house before you recover everything

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