Lidl, there is also an electric car and you can pay for it in installments: seeing is believing –

You can rent a fantastic electric car from Lidl for just 222 Euros per month. Here’s how the supermarket chain tries to help the environment.

In Italy, the sale of electric cars is not going very well, but luckily Lidl has devised an initiative that perhaps will make us change our minds. Let’s find out in detail.

electric car from Lidl

Lidl electric car to be paid in installments: all the details of the initiative

Think about buy an electric car now is enough hard. On the one hand Italians would like to mature and exploit technology to save and pollute less. On the other hand, however, it seems that our past governments have not invested very well in the innovation sector, and we are still a little behind compared to other European and non-European countries.

There was no war, and the rise in energy prices hit the economy hardand therefore also to the automotive sector, which was beginning to take a new direction. Energy costs too much, so why should we switch to an electric car? Gasoline is expensive too, but at least we don’t have to spend money to buy a new car.

The famous supermarket chain Lidl has found the solution. It is not necessary to buy an electric vehicle, because we can rent it for the long term right at the points of sale of the famous discount chain. This is how the offer works.

Electric car from Lidl with only 222 euros a month, incredible but true, the details

Elaris finn lidl
Elaris finn and Lidl

In some EU countries, Lidl had already implemented forms of car rental, models of the caliber Renault Twingo and Clio, Fiat 500 and Kia Stonic and the initiative had been very successful.

Today the famous supermarket chain goes further and offers electric car rental at an incredible price. The car in question is theElaris Finnan electric vehicle a zero emissionsa city car made in China and produced by a company operating in Grunstadt.

The characteristics of the car make it very attractive: small, compact, but at the same time with design finishes. It is an economical solution to switch to electric and at the same time not miss the comfort of a premium car.

The initiative was born first in collaboration with the portal Like2Drivewhere possible medium and long-term car rental. In practice, a person can avoid investing a lot of money in buying a new car. He can rent it instead for 6 months, one year or more. In the monthly figure it is all inclusive. Insurance, road tax, maintenance and many other options.

Same thing for the Lidl electric car. The monthly cost for rental is 269 ​​eurosbut for who is a loyal customer the figure even drops to 222 Euros per month. In practice, even less than the installment that we usually find ourselves when we buy a car. And then we can finally use an electric car, and help reduce environmental pollution.

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Lidl, there is also an electric car and you can pay for it in installments: seeing is believing –

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