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To celebrate Black Friday, Lidl strikes hard with a stylish electric scooter sold at a very low price. A deal!

Black Friday is today! For the occasion, Lidl is selling a splendid electric scooter at a reduced price. Don’t hesitate to fall in love with this two-wheeled machine that will take you everywhere!

The new Lidl electric scooter for sale at a discounted price

Do you like promotions and opportunities? This is a good time! Because Lidl is ending the month of November in style with some outstanding offers.

In fact, the discounter is currently flooding its shelves with products straight out of Santa’s sack! Like this hi-tech vacuum cleaner it does as good as the Dyson model.

The supermarket chain does not lack surprises even on the food front. In view of the Christmas holidays, Lidl has decided to do things big and give everyone a gift.

And there is something for all tastes. And above all for all types of gourmets! How not to imagine celebrating New Year’s Eve in the company of the discount store? Every year, the discounter puts the best dishes on the table to satisfy our taste buds.

Are you more of a cordon bleu type? Aren’t you afraid to get behind the stove to organize your festive lunch? Then head to the store and get your hands on the Monsieur Cuisine smart food processor.

It’s currently on sale at a bargain price, and it’s just in time to help us out in the kitchen! With it you can prepare your New Year’s Eve dinner from A to Z, with disconcerting ease.

The celebrations are already perfect thanks to the German company. And you are not at the end of your surprises. Because there’s a great last-minute offer from Lidl for this Black Friday. We tell you more…

A vehicle as beautiful as it is safe

Directly from the United States, this commercial event is also gaining ground in France. During this day of massive sales, consumers are invited to do big business before Christmas.

Lidl has decided to celebrate this Black Friday with an unbeatable offer. The brand presents its electric scooter, which is sure to be a hit.

This two-wheeled machine from Doc Green has nothing to fear from the competition. With an 8-inch double-wall front tire With an 8-inch double-walled tire at the front and an 8-inch solid rubber tire at the rear, this scooter will take you anywhere.

The powerful 350W motor it is capable of traveling 22 km on a single charge. Handy when you make a lot of short trips around the city!

From a safety point of view it is also excellent! Equipped with two independent braking systems, it stops easily in front of obstacles with front and rear mechanical disc brakes. A good point for daredevils!

Black Friday: A half-price electric scooter is sold out at Lidl!

Lidl sells its hi-tech scooter at a reduced price

This Lidl scooter is very aesthetic and has a beautiful and elegant design. We especially like the its LCD screen indicating the speed and battery charge status.

Well, suppose you want to know the price? As we said, Lidl offers a nice discount on this item. To own this beautiful two-wheeled vehicle, expect to spend less than 280 euros.

When you know that the latter usually costs twice as much, you can talk about a golden deal! Obviously, at this price point, this deal will fly away very quickly. So don’t waste your time if you want to see it under the tree!

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Lidl’s new electric scooter at a bargain price! – Stop&Go

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