New assets owned or purchases that trigger Guardia di Finanza investigations in 2023

The underlying principle is always the same: the level of declared income must go hand in hand with the standard of living. On the basis of this key element, in the event that a suspicious deviation occurs, the investigations by the Guardia di Finanza are triggered. There are two elements to take into consideration.

First of all, understand what those expenses are, often exhibited in a provocative way, which push the soldiers of the yellow flames to get going. And then, another detail of primary importance, the burden of proof is always paid by the tax payer. In practice it is up to the latter to demonstrate that everything is in order or that income and standard of living are compatible. Not the other way around, that is, it is not up to the investigators to demonstrate incompatibility. What happens in 2023?

  • What are the assets that trigger tax inspections

  • The novelty of the cars 2023: control element

  • How asset inspections work for assessment purposes

What are the assets that trigger tax inspections

It is then up to the taxpayer to provide all the any clarifications required and exhibit evidence of proper behavior. In any case, real estate and net movable investments such as investment funds, certificates of deposit, foreign currency, gold, numismatics are subject to controls, as well as personal expenses including pay TV subscriptions, online games, horses, hotels, package tours and wellness centres.

They don’t escape the housing-related expenses between mortgages, renovations, domestic workers, household appliances, fixed and mobile telephony, as well as those for insurance and social security contributions and education, including specialization schools, masters, tutoring, exam preparation courses and rents for university students. Hence the verification of the costs relating to sporting and recreational activities and others considered significant by the Revenue Agency, such as cash donations in favor of veterinary non-profit organizations and the like.

The novelty of the cars 2023: control element

An important new element is added to the system we have just exhibited. In other words, it is a new item that adds to the previous one that rings the alarm bell in the Finance offices. It’s about the electric or hybrid cars, a real rising purchasing trend. Compared to models with thermal power supply, the price to make them your own is on average higher, to the point of becoming very easily decidedly high.

Even more exactly, the magnifying glass is aimed at models with a maximum power higher than 120 kW in the case of hybrid vehicles and 70 kW for electric ones. This is a real novelty since compared to the recent past, not only cars with maxi engine capacity or supercars are taken under scrutiny. This is evidently a sign of the changing times, as evidenced, among other things, by a circular from the third operations department of the general command sent to the various territorial departments.

How asset inspections work for assessment purposes

From an operational point of view, the reference point of the Guardia di Finanza for verifying the standard of living of taxpayers is the Cete. It’s about the Economic control of the territory that is, a sort of large archive regulated by an algorithm used to track down tax evaders, whether partial or total.

In principle, the assessment by the Finance Police or the tax men is triggered in the event that the difference between the declared income and the ascertained one is greater than the 20% threshold. In any case, the general rule applies according to which the subordination of the elements indicative of the ability to pay is valid if it is constructed on the basis of sectoral, demographic, dimensional and territorial specificities.

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New assets owned or purchases that trigger Guardia di Finanza investigations in 2023

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