New Audi TT Cross 2022-2023, a lean and original SUV to replace the legendary Audi TT

There versatility of Audi is demonstrated by the wide range of models it offers in its catalogue. In fact, alongside the best sellers there is space for innovative cars designed for a niche market. Who remembers the legendary Audi TT that could now be replaced by a completely different model? Let’s take stock of:

Towards the new Audi TT Cross 2022-2023

The headlights are now focused on Audi Activesphere Concept, the name of the fourth model in the German brand’s concept car family. Not only do they all have electric motors, but they’re also designed to be capable of automated driving.

This technical layout gives life to completely new projects, especially of the interiors and offers for those on board to use their time productively or simply relax.

The Audi activesphere concept, which will debut in early 2023, will offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle, both on and off the road. There are those who speak of Cross version of the Audi TT. In any case, we are making great strides towards a second era of this model which could take the form of an SUV. Characterized by a raised and streamlined bodywork, the appointment with the presentation or with the revelation of the details is already on the agenda for the month of January.

And a special version for 2023 is also on the way

The production of the Audi TT is running out and a decisive change of strategy is expected for the German car manufacturer. Today Ingolstadt does not want to limit itself to withdraw the model from the market and thus created the Iconic Edition series. This is a series of up to 100 units intended exclusively for the European market, based on the Audi TT RS Coupé.

It is meant to be an ode to the design of the original model, presented as a concept car at the IAA in Frankfurt in the autumn of 1995. The body of this farewell limited version is equipped with a special spoiler set that refers to racing and was therefore developed in the wind tunnel.

Some specific stylistic details are noticeable. For example, the Audi TT RS Iconic Edition comes with a high-gloss black grille with a black Singleframe surround, intended to accentuate the titanium-look Quattro lettering.

THE partially darkened rear windows of this special version They get white “Iconic Edition” lettering and the wheel arches fill with specific 20-inch seven-spoke wheels fitted with black brake calipers. The technical basis of the Audi TT RS CoupĂ© has not changed for the Iconic Edition. Neither the frame nor the transmission are affected.

And there’s no need, because between the front wheels is the famous “5-cylinder in line”, a 2.5-litre supercharged engine block that transmits 400PS and a maximum torque of 480Nm to all four wheels. And then the Quattro transmission with Haldex clutch, so not the 4×4 system with Torque Rear Splitter used by the RS 3.

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New Audi TT Cross 2022-2023, a lean and original SUV to replace the legendary Audi TT

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