New Fiat Panda 2022-2023, the versions and prices of the city car of the turning point

The challenge for Fiat with the new one Pandas 2022-2023 is to go back to the philosophy according to which it has become an indispensable model, i.e. an ultra-functional car, cheap to buy and to use, enriched by a rather amusing side. Let’s look towards the future and deepen:

Which versions and price for the new Fiat Panda 2022-2023

Compared to previous generations, Fiat had chosen for thecurrent generation a city car resembling a small B-segment car in terms of size and price, such as the Ypsilon. The Panda is a very homogeneous, versatile car and comes in multiple versions that can vary in price, depending on the choice between a basic version without air conditioning and radio, up to a fully equipped Cross 4×4.

In terms of style, it should inherit some stylistic features announced in 2019 by the Centoventi concept car, highlighting important protective surfaces of the bodywork.

Demonstrating the liveliness and anticipation around the development of this model is the activism of the automotive community. Just observe the render of CARWP by Jonathan Machado to get an idea. Here the city car could be offered in an electric version, as well as with petrol power supply and mild hybrid technology. Power could fluctuate between 90 HP and 120 HP with 40 and 50 kWh batteries and an autonomy between 350 and 450 kilometres.

For their part, the mild hybrid release they could be offered with powers between 80 and 110 HP. The distinguishing point of the new Fiat Panda could be the high customization rate. The price? Around 15,000 euros or around 20,000 euros for the battery release.

Strategies and expectations for the new Fiat Panda 2022-2023

How to start a transition to all-electric, expensive to install, without losing customers to higher prices and lack of charging infrastructure? Making an older generation thermal model last for a few years alongside its electric replacement. This strategy, several manufacturers, such as Renault, are discreetly implementing. Fiat should do the same with the current Panda, which is its entry level.

The current generation of Fiat Panda it has been on the market since the end of 2011. According to the unions, it will remain in the catalog until 2026 at the Pomigliano d’Arco plant. 100% electric in 2027 in the Old Continent. All brands of the Stellantis group, of which Fiat is a part, will go zero-emission by the end of the decade on the European market.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Fiat had presented the Centoventi concept car, announcing a family of electric models ddestined both to replace the Panda and to give offspring to the Punto by positioning itself in segment B.

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New Fiat Panda 2022-2023, the versions and prices of the city car of the turning point

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