New Renault 4ever 2022-2023, the legendary sedan returns as the latest generation compact SUV

The European Patent Office took care of providing a series of information on Renault 4ever 2022-2023. The modern successor of the Renault 4 will be called 4ever, while the Renault 5 EV will be another of the big news.

Both the Renault 4ever and the 5 will use the CMF-B platform in its electric vehicle form, which is called CMF-BE. The latter is derived from the CMF-EV platform. Let’s go deeper:

What will the new Renault 4ever 2022-2023 look like

The original Renault 4 was an economical model that had one 33-year production career. Its modern successor will be a crossover called 4ever, characterized by a retro-modern style. In other words, we expect to see an SUV coupe-style model.

It then happens that Renault has formalized the great return of its famous 4L in the form of a new electrified generation called 4ever, available in two body styles. For now, only a few teaser photos have been presented. We can thus discover the silhouette of two body types, including a utilitarian version.

The new Renault 4ever, which will use the CMF-B EV modular platformcan have a range in which the 45 Hp electric motor and 27.4 kWh batteries alongside an E-Tech petrol hybrid version to meet the needs of customers Twingo and those of some markets less interested in pure BEVs.

The possibility of a high-performance version with the Alpine logo and a four-wheel drive set-up cannot be ruled out. Renault’s electric range will be complemented by a medium-sized commercial vehicle.

During a meeting with reporters, Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault, revealed some important details about the vehicle.

With a first surprise: this modern 4L will not be the brand’s entry level. It will be positioned above the next R5. Recall that the latter will take the place of the Zoe.

It will have the same dimensions, but its prices will start at the level of those of the current electric Twingo, which will not be replaced. The modern 4L will look like a small SUV. Luca de Meo explains that he will bet on practical and outdoor aspects. The look will evoke that of the R4, a complicated exercise for designers. Yes, because the original car is over 60 years old and because its appearance was not its main strength.

Renault 4ever 2022-2023 reviews and what to expect

The marketing of the Renault 4Ever should not take place before 2024. It will be preceded, from 2023, by one Renault 5 electric equally lively and economical. A vintage twist in which the automaker firmly believes to develop its electric car sales. Both are promised under € 20,000.

There new generation of Renault electric cars it will be equipped with a more efficient battery, made with nickel, manganese and cobalt, capable of guaranteeing greater autonomy and a lower production cost which for 2025 is estimated at 100 dollars per kWh.

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New Renault 4ever 2022-2023, the legendary sedan returns as the latest generation compact SUV

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