New SUVs 2023, the most anticipated models of the year

2023 has just begun but the car market is already buzzing. In fact, this year promises to be full of news from the point of view of the new models coming, with some cars already seen in static form and ready to make their commercial debut and others that will be revealed to the general public for the first time. Let’s start SUVswith several new high-wheeled arrivals especially among Italian brands, starting with brands within the Stellantis group.

Fiat B-SUV

Yes, because if the Jeep Avenger has already shown itself to the general public at the 2022 Paris Auto Show, there is great curiosity about the Fiat crossover which will be born on the same platform as the American car manufacturer’s first electric car. We still don’t know the name of this B-segment model, with some rumors that they would like the return of the Fiat 600 but what is certain is that this car will be born in Poland, in Tichy, on the STLA Small architecture which has integrated CMP and E-CMP which were used before the merger by the now former PSA group. The range of engines should therefore follow the one proposed on the Avenger, with the possibility of also having a fully electric version.

Alfa Romeo B-SUV

Staying in the family, the Stellantis group is preparing to launch as well the Alfa Romeo B-SUV. In this case what was said with the Fiat model is valid even if for the Biscione there is the certainty of a fully electric variant which will also represent the first battery-powered vehicle of the Arese-based car manufacturer. Jean-Philippe Imparato has categorically excluded that it can be called Alfa Romeo Brennero and on the name there is still the utmost confidentiality but the launch should take place within the first half of 2023 to then arrive on the market starting from 2024. It will be a compact car that will be placed at the base of the range, under the Tonale precisely, going to intercept a younger audience and thus filling the void left by the MiTo with a starting price close to 25,000 euros.

Thoroughbred Ferrari

The first high-wheeled model of the Maranello carmaker was unveiled in the last months of 2022, with the first deliveries of Thoroughbred Ferrari which will start in the second half of the year. Under the skin the 725 HP 6.5-liter V12 engine with a price starting from 390,000 euros. Too bad that bookings have already been closed since the order book is already full for two years.

Porsche Macan EV

After the Taycan for Porsche, it’s time to present another fully electric model, with the Zuffenhausen-based house choosing the compact SUV with great market responses. There full electric version of the Macan will be born on the PPE platform which will be able to guarantee an architecture made up of two electric motors for a total power of 612 HP, with the powertrain also made up of a 100 kWh battery for a total range of over 600 km on a single charge .

Smart #1

The history of the brand began with a small two-seater car but times have changed and so has the brand, not only for ownership which has now partly passed into the hands of Geely but also for what concerns the size since there Smart #1 it is the first SUV and it is also fully electric. Orders are currently open on the Italian market for the single-engine version, whose powertrain delivers 272 HP and 343 Nm, with a 68 kWh battery that can guarantee up to 440 of autonomy.


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New SUVs 2023, the most anticipated models of the year

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