Nissan, all-wheel drive becomes electric

Nissan is launching its new e-4ORCE technology in the Old Continent, the automaker’s exclusive all-wheel drive system, designed and built ad hoc for electric and electrified vehicles. Its nature is in its name, where “e” stands for Nissan’s 100% electric traction motor, “4ORCE” stands for horsepower and “4” for all-wheel drive.

They are three the fundamental aspects on which the e-4ORCE design team focused: first of all the management of the electric motors, then the four-wheel drive systems and finally the chassis control technologies. The goal of the House is to be able to offer customers maximum safety and the best dynamic behavior in every situation.

The new all-wheel drive technology is smooth, powerful and snappy

The e-4ORCE system has been designed to be combined with 100% electric Nissan engines and others Nissan e-POWER power unit, which we have already talked about in recent months, when the House presented the novelty. In both cases, the wheels of the vehicle are moved only and exclusively by electric motors.

As regards the new Nissan X-Trail, the engine on the front axle has an output of 204 HP (150 kW), while that on the rear axle has 136 HP (100 kW). The total power of the e-4ORCE system is 213 HP (157 kW): this is because the two engines never deliver their respective maximum powers at the same instant. Acceleration is top-notch, in fact the car sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7 seconds. The system reacts to changes in grip by adjusting drive force 10,000 times faster than a traditional mechanical 4WD system.

On the new Nissan Ariya with e-4ORCE system instead the power delivered is 306 HP (225 kW), which allow the car to sprint to 100 km/h from standstill in just 5.7 seconds. The system offers power and driving pleasure on both Nissan models in the lineup, together with maximum safety and ride comfort on any road, any surface and in any condition.

Road handling and safety

The maxim handlingin addition to the stability and predictability of the car’s behavior on the road, they are guaranteed by the constant redistribution of torque, by the almost perfect balance of weight between the front and rear axles and by the chassis control system.

With e-4ORCE it is easy to follow the set trajectories, with only minimal corrections from the steering wheel, to the advantage of driving pleasure. e-4ORCE distributes torque between the front and rear wheels for maximize grip the tyres, compatibly with road and vehicle conditions; braking is adjusted individually for each wheel.

Thanks to the precise control of the dual motor system and the torque vectoring functions of the brake, the car maintains its trajectory even on slippery and slippery roads. Balanced power distribution is the secret to the perfect balance of the vehicle which, thanks to the two electric motors, can be adjusted to a ten-thousandth (1/10,000) second, much faster than traditional mechanical four-wheel drive systems.

The comfort of the vehicle

Thanks to Nissan’s new e-4ORCE system, the vehicle guarantees maximum comfort for the driver and passengers: regenerative braking also on the rear engine offers the double advantage of minimizing vehicle pitching and maximizing battery regeneration. There stability is ensured even in the event of sudden braking, as is the greater efficiency of the battery, which translates into greater autonomy. The launch of e-4ORCE is part of the long-term vision Nissan Ambition 2030for a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.

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Nissan, all-wheel drive becomes electric

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