No jokes on the bill | Check consumption in seconds with this trick –

Just a few steps and very few seconds are enough to check all your water, electricity and gas consumption: no more tricks on your bill!

Even if the worst period seems to have passed, the costs of the bills still seem to be very high compared to the standards we were used to and for this reason it has now become very important and essential to save as much as possible on the consumption of water, electricity and gas. Keeping an eye on consumption is not easy, but with this immediate solution you can do it in no time.

The second half of 2022 and also in these first months of 2023 have been dedicated to savings and winter has really put the wallets of Italians on the corner due to too high heating costs which have caused water bills to rise dramatically , electricity and gas. Constantly pulling the plugs and turning off the appliances every now and then can be a solution, but if I told you that there is a much easier way to check consumption directly on your mobile phone?

It is not even enough to check the detailed bills

To tell the truth, all the consumption of a specific supply, whether it is electricity, gas or water, is written in detail on each bill. Often and as it should be we focus on the price to be paid written in bulk on the first page, but the bills have a lot of details that we should consult to avoid waste and understand why such a high cost has arrived.

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However, this method is not always valid because very often the words are difficult to understand for some people, they are often written in a very small way and you need to get help from a relative, a friend or perhaps an accountant to understand how and why we have consumed so much . Don’t worry: from today you can consult all your electricity, natural gas and water consumption directly on your mobile phone in a clear and precise way, no jokes!

A more than simple method: no jokes!

The solution is called “Consumption Portal” and is a special section on the website of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) and allows you to consult all the consumption of our home’s supplies in just a few steps, it really takes a few seconds and you have before your eyes the complete picture of energy consumption.

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An example of a very simple graph on the Consumption Portal

If you are the owner of the supplies, simply access the portal via the SPID, which by now everyone has because it is the digital identity that can be created online in a few seconds, at post and administrative offices. Once you have accessed the portal, you will be presented with a general, clear and precise account of everything you have consumed in a certain period of time (3, 6 or 12 months) using intuitive and easily understandable graphs for everyone. Definitely a quick and easy alternative to paper bills that are difficult to consult and by doing so you will no longer suffer tricks!

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No jokes on the bill | Check consumption in seconds with this trick –

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