Non-repayable fund for restaurants, bars and swimming pools: online application from 22 November

Non-repayable contributions for restaurants, bars, swimming pools and catering. From 22 November you can apply to receive aid. Here are the latest news from the Revenue Agency

A few minutes ago theRevenue Agency has issued an official press release in which it announces that the model and instructions for the owners of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, catering activities and organization of ceremonies who intend to apply for non-repayable contributions intended for these sectors in difficulty by the “Sostegni bis” decree (Legislative Decree No. 73/2021) are available online.

You can use it to fill in and send the application

  • the free web service available in the reserved area of ​​the portal Invoices and Fees the website of the Revenue Agency;
  • a market software that complies with the technical specifications issued with the provision, by sending the application via the Entratel or Fisconline telematic channels of the Agency.

The online application can be sent – by the applicant or by an intermediary delegated to consult the tax drawer or to the electronic invoice consultation service on the “Fatture e corrispettivi” portal or on the basis of a specific proxy – starting from 22 November and by the deadline of 6 December 2022.

In the same period it is possible, in the event of an error, to submit a new request, replacing the one previously sent.

Non-repayable contributions for restaurants, bars, swimming pools and catering. From 22 November you can apply to receive aid
Official press release from the Revenue Agency of 18 November 2022

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Non-repayable contributions for restaurants, bars, swimming pools and catering: amounts of aid

Through the online application, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and catering companies declare that they are in possession of the required requirements by current legislation.

But how much is due to each beneficiary?

The 40 million euros available for this type of non-repayable grants come distributed among the beneficiary companies in the following percentages:

  • the 70 percent of the total it will be divided among all those who are eligible to receive the new non-repayable contributions;
  • the 20 percent among companies with revenues exceeding 400,000 euros as an additional sum;
  • the rest 10 percent as a further additional figure among subjects with an amount of revenue exceeding 1,000,000.00 euros.

The amounts, therefore, are established only once the access procedure has been concluded and the payment is made by theRevenue Agency to the current account indicated in the application phase.

Non-repayable contributions from the Revenue Agency: the requirements for restaurants, bars, swimming pools and catering

The Support Decree ter has provided for this particular type of non-refundable grant to support companies that operate with specific ATECO codes in the catering, entertainment and event organization sector.

ATECO code Activities
96.09.05 Organization of parties and ceremonies
56.10 Restaurants and mobile food service businesses
56.21 Provision of prepared meals (event catering)
56.30 Bars and other similar establishments without a kitchen
93.11.2 Swimming pool management

Fundamental condition to be eligible for non-repayable contributions is a revenue decline of no less than 40 per cent in the comparison between 2021 and 2019.

But that’s not the only requirement; in fact, these companies must also comply with the following parameters:

  • be duly established, registered and active in the business register;
  • have a legal or operational headquarters located on the national territory;
  • not be in voluntary liquidation or subject to insolvency proceedings for liquidation purposes;
  • not already be in difficulty as of 31 December 2019, with the exception of micro and small enterprises which comply with the previous point and which have not received rescue or restructuring aid.

In any case, the following subjects are excluded:

  • recipient companies disqualification sanctions;
  • companies that are in other conditions provided for by law such as cause of incapacity to benefit from public financial concessions or in any case impediments.

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Non-repayable fund for restaurants, bars and swimming pools: online application from 22 November

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