Off to the incentives: cars under 15 thousand euros

Car prices are not always within everyone’s reach, on the contrary. Also for this reason – but not only – the automotive market has stalled: due to the high cost of living, purchasing power has dropped and the second-hand market has grown, the difficulties in procuring raw materials and microchips have made the production and sale of new vehicles even more complicated.

In this scenario, from 10 January 2023 the platform that allows you to reopen has been reopened book bonuses for buying new cars. Not everyone has a large budget available, the car fleet in Italy is really very old, one of the oldest in all of Europe. The bonuses are used precisely to support citizens in choosing a new vehicle. Let’s see together which cars cost less than 15,000 euros thanks to the incentives proposed for 2023.

Some of the cheapest cars thanks to the bonus

Among the cars that cost less thanks to the incentives there is undoubtedly the Dacia Sandero, which does not even reach 10 thousand euros. This is the cheapest petrol model on the market: from the list price of 11,900 euros, in fact, benefiting from the 2,000 euro eco-bonus, you get to pay 9,900 euros.

Another car among the most popular on the market today is the Hyundai i10with a price list of 14,750 euros, can be purchased for only 12,750 euros, thanks to the request for the new state incentive of 2 thousand euros. We are talking in particular of the 1.0 MPI version with Ecopack Advanced with the 1.0 liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with 67 HP of power.

Could not miss in this list also the Fiat Panda, available for just 13,600 euros, thanks to the state bonus. Always one of the most popular cars of the House but in general on the market, even in 2022 it was reconfirmed as one of the best-selling cars in Italy. The Italian city car is offered at 15,600 euros in the mild hybrid variant, a price that drops to 13,600 euros with the state incentive.

Among the most popular city cars in Italy there is also the little one from Volkswagen, the new one UP!. In the price list we find the 5-door variant sold from 16,700 euros, a price that drops to 14,700 euros thanks to the bonus with scrapping. 1.0 naturally aspirated three-cylinder petrol engine capable of delivering a power of 65 HP and 5-speed manual gearbox.

Other cars under 15 thousand euros

If, on the other hand, we want to consider other models for less than 15,000 euros and not petrol-powered, then without any doubt we can still talk about Panda. This time in the list is the variant a LPG of the city car most loved by Italians.

The list price of the Panda 1.2 69 HP EasyPower LPG is 16,300 euros. Today, and certainly until the end of the month, in the event of an exchange or scrapping, it can be bought for 12,400 euros, or even 10,900 euros with FCA Bank financing.

Another Fiat model, the 500 Hybrids. Another of the best-selling in Italy, which today thanks to the combo of exchange, financing and state incentives can be purchased for less than 15 thousand euros. Just think that the 1.0 70 horsepower mild hybrid variant is on sale at 12,300 euros (price list 17,800 euros). Or it can be paid with a loan of 129 euros per month for 60 months, with an advance of 2,800 euros.

And finally it’s time for Gold Hybrid variant of Lancia Ypsilon, one of the most popular and stylish cars of the Stellantis Group. This well-equipped version in the price list costs 19,000 euros, with FCA Bank financing and exchange or scrapping, it can go down to 13,000 euros (advance of 2,650 euros and 36 monthly installments of 129 euros). All excellent opportunities to buy a new car, without spending a fortune, for those who can’t afford anything else but still don’t want to give up one of the best new generation cars on the market.

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Off to the incentives: cars under 15 thousand euros

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