Old lira banknotes: this is how much they are worth today, surprisingly

History of a banknote that marked an era. The old lira, in our country probably like no other in the world.

There are stories that deserve to be told, complex plots in some points but extremely fascinating. As regards, for example, in detail, banknotes, it is not possible regardless of taking into account the experience of the old lira in Italy. A bond that has seen our country grow and establish itself over the course of three different centuries.


Three different centuries in fact, because the old lira made its debut in our country in the late nineteenth century. The monarchy which then became a republic in the twentieth century, the wars, the economic boom and the recovery of a country now launched among the world powers. A few years of 2000 for the meeting with the euro and the exchange of witnesses. In short, a currency that dictated the law, in everyday life and therefore in memoriesthe emotions and sensations of an entire people.

Today more than ever with the concrete claims of collectors, to get their hands on the finest pieces, the discourse is back more relevant than ever. The world of collecting in recent decades has suffered a substantial revolution. The concrete possibility of accessing information, illustrations, evaluations and much more through the web has literally changed the lives of enthusiasts from all over the world. Today, in fact, everything is different.

The web through thousands and thousands of pages with completely free access, it offers the opportunity to get to know the specimens, deepen them, evaluate them and above all to buy them. Private transactions or online auctions or in presence organized by the same platforms. A condition of sure advantage for collectors, who today more than ever are absolutely projected towards the main goal. Make the most prestigious specimens your own.

Banknotes, old lira focus: piece by piece the evaluation of the last paper copies

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The latest banknote series which accompanied the old lira to the appointment with the new community currency, the euro, was made up of an important, prestigious series of specimens: 500,000 (Raphael), 100,000 (Caravaggio), 50,000 (Bernini), 10,000 (Volta), 5,000 (Bellini), 2,000 (Marconi), 1,000 (Montessori). In parentheses we find the subjects represented by the various specimens. Truly unique pieces today in great demand on the world collector market.

Protagonists, the specimens in question of what is stated in the “Save Italy” decree promoted by the Monti government. At this juncture, in fact, the deadline for converting the coins still in circulation into euros was brought forward from 2012 to 2011. The data of the Bank of Italy in that period concerning the presence of the old lira banknotes still owned by the Italians were valued in a very particular way. In short, many examples are still available, so to speak.

196 million pieces of a thousand lire, 12 million from 100 thousand lire, 300 thousand from 500 thousand lire, 7.4 million from 50 thousand lire, 40.6 million from 10 thousand lire, 30.9 million from 5 thousand and 21.6 million from 2 thousand lire. Circulating money in all respects for a total value of 2,557 billion lire, almost 1.3 billion euros. In principle, the dynamics in question represented, as anticipated, something absolutely not foreseen.

Something profoundly different compared to what happened in the other euro countries. In principle, it can therefore be said that the high number of pieces still in circulation do nothing but affect the rarity of the same. In short, specimens available to many citizens not very high ratings. At this point the collectors’ attention will focus on the rarest series, marked by numbers precisely serial details, replacement specimens and so on.

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The evaluations will clearly take into account of everything available to go and pull out, in practice, the exact determination in euro of that particular specimen. Unique pieces in some cases, which have made the history of our country and which today more than ever continue to be to be talked about in every part of the world.

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Old lira banknotes: this is how much they are worth today, surprisingly

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