Payroll bill bonus: here are which companies are paying it

To safeguard the purchasing power of the Italians, several companies have decided to donate special bonuses And payroll prizes, attributable to economic bonuses to support daily expenses. Precisely in the face of the rise in electricity and gas bills, which make life difficult for employees, companies such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Atlante and several others have thought of extraordinary measures to give concrete support to the increases in bills and foodstuffs.

It is not only large companies that think about their employees and their purchasing capacity in a period of severe crisis and pressing inflation. Even medium and small companies have proposed to implement concrete help for families.

Several companies in Europe are heading in the same direction, particularly in France where the energy crisis has already undermined the electrical continuity in homes. In fact, not only is there a stop to electricity for two hours a day, but there is a real possibility that France, due to maintenance at the nuclear power plant, will decrease or stop the sale of energy to Italy. This will increase the energy tension in our country and, in the absence of concrete solutions from Italian and European politics, the risk is that it will be a very difficult winter.

Here are the companies that have decided to develop concrete aid plans for dependent families and what they have chosen to do.

Companies on the side of families: paycheck bonuses to cope with inflation

Some companies have decided to introduce concrete aid to families to help them with the rise in the cost of living. Between high bills, food inflation and general economic uncertainty, companies have taken on the help of employees. It is a bonus or a prize in addition in paychecks to support the purchasing power of workers. There are more and more difficult situations and it is essential to compensate for inflation with different approaches. Large, medium and small companies have thought of different solutions.

Here’s what they are:

  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Sant’Anna water
  • Brembo
  • Labomar
  • RadiciGroup
  • Atlas
  • other

The bonus against expensive bills: the idea of ​​Intesa Sanpaolo and Acqua Sant’anna

Intesa Sanpaolo, for example, since the end of July it has approved an extraordinary payment of € 500 in favor of employees. There are 82,000 people, excluding those with high salaries, who will receive concrete support, economic aid, to counter the increases in food and energy prices.

The company too Acqua Sant’Anna SpA has decided to provide a monthly bonus to all its employees. Other companies like Brembo has decided to grant an extraordinary bonus of € 1000 gross to each of its employees and the Labomar which, also since May, has given a bonus of € 700 to employees who have worked with them for at least six months.

The example of help from the company to employees is not only Italian. In fact, even in the rest of Europe, various companies and realities have decided to do their part. A concrete example is that of Air France, the French airline that has decided to raise the salary of its 38,000 full-time employees. This is a € 1000 bonus that the company will pay to its employees starting next month, again with the stated purpose of combating inflation and guaranteeing employees’ purchasing power.

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Payroll bill bonus: here are which companies are paying it

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