Pellet stove, the only solution to expensive gas: they give you a Bonus to change

The increase in the cost of bills has led many Italians to choose alternative systems. In the case of pellets, it is possible to take advantage of various state subsidies to change your heating system, before the arrival of winter.

An ecological choice and above all focused on saving: that of pellets could be the perfect alternative to traditional fuels. Let’s see in detail.


Pellets: the solution to the increase in the cost of gas: there is also a bonus

As the cold season approaches e the increase in bills, attempts to find alternative heating systems are increasing, just like the pellets. A green choice, which helps environmental sustainability but which is not exactly economic. The cost of purchasing these appliances it is greater than other solutions, but there is a bonus.

The cost of a pellet stove is between 1500 to 3 thousand euros. An even higher price if we are talking about a water system: in this case we are talking about figures that range from 2500 to 4 thousand euros. To these costs are added those relating to the plant approx 200/300 euros; to the construction of the flue on average 30 euros per square meter and finally, to the purchase of the pellet itself a 15 kg bag costs 10/15 euros.

However, it is important to keep the thermal account under control, which is dealt with by the GSEenergy services manager – which provides for the disbursement of a contribution 65% for the transition from heating gas to biomass. On the site you can find the list of all systems, fireplaces, stoves, thermo-fireplaces and boilerswhich meet the required energy requirements by the rules to take advantage of the bonuses introduced by national and regional bodies.

The bonuses for pellet stoves: the turning point against gas

bonus for pellets
Pellets and bonuses

The application must be submitted online at the end of the works, attaching the documentation relating to the installation as well as the expense invoices. From this year theamount is credited in a lump sum when the sum is less than 5000 eurosotherwise in two annual installments.

There are two bonuses to take advantage of. There is the 65% refund with the Ecobonus up to a maximum of 30 thousand eurosan incentive reserved for energy redevelopment interventions for properties already registered in the Land Registry or with registration procedure in progress, and that 50% of the costin the case of building renovation, up to a maximum of 96 thousand euros. In this case the stove must have an efficiency of not less than 70%. They are both valid for purchases until 31 December 2022

In Lombardy, for example, in order to encourage the use of pellet stovesthe Region has allocated a non-repayable grant of 12 million euros, for individuals and businesses. However, there is a difference between the heights of the Municipalities: above 300 meters above sea level, only heat generators are encouraged a 4 starsprovided that with fine dust values ​​not exceeding 20 mg / Nm3, in the lower ones, however, the contribution is recognized only for 5-star facilities.

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Pellet stove, the only solution to expensive gas: they give you a Bonus to change

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