Petrol prices, never seen so low: full worth doing here | You save a lot

The prices of petrol and diesel are becoming cheaper again, but be careful because the discount in place is about to end soon.

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THE prices from gas And diesel they come back to descendstrong of the Discount still in progress. One Discount what does it do breathe the wallet of the Italiansbut they don’t have to let your guard down. THE prices in many areas they have returned under two euros to the litera sign that the decisions taken by the Government begin at work. Stay high methanewhich still fails to have a real price control. Let’s take a closer look at it Discount implemented by Stateand also i prices which we now find in supply pitches.

The discount in place that does not last forever

The Government as we know it has extended it 30 cents discount on excise duties on fuelsuntil the August 21. This price control it had been decided by Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Francoin cooperation with Roberto Cingolani, Minister of Ecological Transition. A calmiere who is giving his fruitsand which is reporting i prices as mentioned under to the two euros per liter. Obviously, the situation must always be monitoredsince it is in constant change.

Parliament's headquarters
The moves implemented by the government are working –

This Discount it concerns not just the price petrol and diesel, but also LPG and methane. However, in the first three i results are more evidentin methane still it discount not is giving i right fruits. This price cutting as mentioned it will expire in late Augustbut the parts are confident in extending it at least for thearrival of autumn. It is one thing certainit will not be in the short period that the price of the dollar to the barrelwill come down to gods more sustainable levels. If it will happen it will come true in long periodso it’s still there need of the cut of 30 centson excise duty.

The prices to date of the various fuels

L’Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development together with the processors of the Relay racethey communicated on national average price. Gasoline, for example, al Self service we find it at € 1.88 per literwhile the diesel settles under the1.86. So you see that the price fell of at least 0.2 cents. Self we want to be served then the cost goes back to two euros per liter, for both petrol and diesel. Recall that these prices also take into account white pumpswhich they usually have lower prices of the reference companies.

Methane refueling
The price of methane continues to rise more and more –

The cost in highway of these two fuels fluctuates on average between1.9 and two euros per liter. The GPL always has i more advantageous prices because it stands on the 0.8 euros per literwhile the methane has no peace. The average price for methane to date is 2.2 euros per Kga high figure if we think about how much it cost before this emergency. We need a real calmiere there, as was done for petrol and diesel, we will see itself the Government will find solutions that they can do happy citizens.

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Petrol prices, never seen so low: full worth doing here | You save a lot

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