Petrol prices, the gift for all Italians: fuel vouchers are popping up

The current national situation, regarding the increase in prices of practically any item, scares citizens not a little.

Nothing new on the horizon on the crisis that is sweeping away all citizens’ certainty. This could be said, of course, because in fact the crisis continues and will continue over the coming months. In the meantime, however, in some casessome dynamics are absolutely conceived in favor of the citizens themselves who are completely sunk by what it has been happening for too long now.

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The situation linked to the crisis at the moment that literally envelops our country and not only seems to be more fearful than ever. Over the last few months we have witnessed a literally reckless increase in the prices of any item available on the market. Any service. In short, we were able to see how much the situation has in fact precipitated, so from one moment to the next, without even having the time to to be able to do everything well.

Among the dynamics that perhaps most of all have influenced for a large part the daily life of citizens we can certainly mention the increase in gasoline prices. In this specific case, in fact, the limits, the problems for the citizens themselves were absolutely palpable. Who uses the car for work or for other necessary matters clearly has fully undergone the infamous increases. Today, more than ever this condition appears to be among the most unsustainable.

Anyway to rush to the aid of the citizens themselves it is often the large distribution companies themselves. In many cases, in fact, they themselves promote specific campaigns that actually protect the portfolios of the motorists themselves. The case of IP is emblematic. The well-known brand has indeed expired as of December 16, 2022, the points collection program, effectively extending the period of use of the same.

Petrol prices, the gift for all Italians: here are the most interesting initiatives for citizens

The Ip Box Più program, as anticipated, for example, makes 2 points available to the user for each liter of fuel purchased. In addition, for the same user there are 2 cents discount. That’s not all though. There are not a few initiatives that numerous companies have set up in this sense. Today more than ever there is a need to offer security and benefits to citizens. Today more than ever, the needs, the crisis, require strong and responsible positions.

The Esselunga case for example, with your Fidaty card which allows you to get 10 euros discount for every refueling of at least 30 euros at each Q8 service station. Also noteworthy is the competition Eni Live Play which provides Amazon coupons, petrol coupons and free coffee after each refueling. Also to be considered is the 2022 fuel bonus which allows private companies engaged in particular sectors to enjoy tax advantages in this particular historical moment. Advantages for companies but also for the workers themselves who can receive a fuel bonus to be able to reach the workplace more easily.

There are also numerous solutions able to save as much as possible compared to what we generally spend on our supplies. One of these solutions pass for example for petrol pumps no logo. Let’s talk about stations not affiliated, so to speak, to the large groups of distribution and sale of fuels. Precisely for this reason, the proposed sale price will be lower because in this case the entrepreneur in question.

Very special situation in short, especially in the very last period with prices that seem to be going up again dramatically. The hope for the citizens should be placed entirely in the hands of the state itself, between potential advantages and benefits, but at the moment the road itself still appears too long and tortuous. The wait, perhaps, every condition will improveat least that’s what one hopes for.

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Petrol prices, the gift for all Italians: fuel vouchers are popping up

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