Petrol will cost less: the government has further extended the cut in excise duties

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, and the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, have signed a new inter-ministerial decree that once again extends the measures currently in place to reduce the final price of fuels.

Last March the so-called Energy decree passed by the Draghi government had introduced the reduction of excise duties on petrol and diesel used as fuel for transport. The reduction of the excise duty on LPG was instead established by the MEF decree of 18 March 2022, in agreement with the Minister of Ecological Transition.

We remember that the price of gasoline is determined by three factors:

  • the price net of taxes, decided by the seller of the fuel and subject to the value of the raw material, the profits of the pump operators and the cost of logistic transport
  • VAT at 22%
  • excise duties.

Italy in Europe is the country with the highest excise duties on diesel, equal to € 0.62 per liter, ahead of Belgium (€ 0.60 per liter) and France (€ 0.59). While compared to gasoline, our country is the second, with 0.73 euros per liter, after the Netherlands (0.79 euros per liter).

The cut in excise duties on petrol and diesel is partly financed through the extra VAT revenue. The generalized increases in prices in recent months have therefore led to greater revenues in the state coffers, which have been reinvested to this extent.

Petrol, excise duty cut extension: until when

On the day when the government finally managed to unlock the Dl Aid bis (here all the approved news), it comes therefore extended the cut by 30 cents per liter for petrol, diesel, lpg and methane for automotive, scheduled until 5 October, until next October 17th.

Following the new cut, here are the values ​​of excise duties on petrol, diesel and LPG:

  • petrol: 0.4784 euros / liter (previously 0.7284);
  • diesel: 0.3674 euros / liter (previously 0.6174);
  • LPG: 0.18261 euro / kg (previously 0.26777).

The question everyone asks is: does it really work? And the answer is definitely yes. The cut in excise duties resulted in one discount on the price of petrol and diesel of 25 euro cents per liter, a figure that rises to 30.5 if VAT is also added to 22%. In fact, it meant keeping the price substantially always below 2 euros per liter.

As for LPG, on the other hand, which more and more Italians are choosing to save, the cut in excise duties has charged 8 euro cents less per kg.

Here you will find the ranking of distributors in Italy where it is convenient to refuel And here, on the other hand, how much gasoline costs abroad and the countries where it costs less.

The Aid ter decree is already on the way

But that’s not all. Because by the end of this week yet another decree has arrived, the Aiuti ter decree, expected in the Council of Ministers presumably within Friday 16 September.

The new package, close to the elections of 25 September that will put an end to the Draghi government, will give the green light to new measures to contain inflation and the increase in energy costs, with an endowment that should be equal to about 13 billion euros.

According to Assoutenti, however, the extension of the cut in excise duties is not enough. According to the president of the consumer association Furio Truzzi, structural and long-term solutions are needed.

We also remember that, in addition to the cut in excise duties, the government has prepared well two petrol bonuses with different characteristics and recipients (you can find them here, where we have explained the differences and who is entitled to what).

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Petrol will cost less: the government has further extended the cut in excise duties

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