Photovoltaic panels: cost and deductions due with or without law 104

Saving on bills is possible if photovoltaic panels are installed. But how much do they cost? Are there any deductions by law 104?

Both questions are legitimate especially if you have to install solar panels to save on electricity and gas bills.


The costs are high taking into account the purchase of the panels, the generator, the installation and maintenance of the entire photovoltaic system. But it all depends on the type of system chosen, the quantity of panels used and the type of material. It will definitely be a long-term investment.

Photovoltaic panels: which deductions are due

When deciding to deal with this expensive expense, it is good to know if there are incentives or concessions that can reduce the cost. In this regard, a Reader asks: “Salutations. I wanted information on the cost of photovoltaic panels and if there are deductions law 104 “.

As we said earlier, the cost of installing and maintaining photovoltaic panels is quite high. To cope with the rise in electricity and gas bills, the government is focusing on the so-called ecological transition and therefore on clean energy. The Energy decree would help in this regard.

There are already three possibilities to amortize the expenses for the installation of photovoltaic panels. In fact, the jobs could be inserted using the Ecobonus, the restructuring bonus and the Superbonus 110%.

The first facilitation for the installation of photovoltaic panels could be included in the deductions Ecobonus. These are deductions of 65% on total expenses within a limit of 60 thousand euros per property unit. The deductions include solar panels for the production of domestic and industrial hot water to be installed on buildings, school buildings, universities, nursing homes, sports facilities, swimming pools.

The second way is the renovation bonus with a deduction of 50%. With this deduction, the cost cannot exceed 96 thousand euros per property and covers both the installation of the panels and their supply. It should be remembered, however, that this facility must be included in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work on properties already undergoing renovation.

Finally, the last facility is the Superbonus. To obtain the Irpef deduction equal to 110% it is necessary that the works carried out have as their purpose the improvement of two energy classes compared to the departure. Using this deduction, the installation of the panels is considered a driving work.

Reductions by law 104

As you can guess, photovoltaic provides benefits for everyone and no particularities for holders of law 104. But there are concessions on other works or equipment for the beneficiaries of this law.

Law 104 allows you to take advantage of various concessions, but there are many doubts about how you can get it and what not. In 2022 there are many bonuses including the bonus barriers with a 75% deduction. Expenses must be incurred between January 1st and December 31st 2022.

Another facility may be requested for bathroom makeover or, leaving the scope of the renovation works, the bonus tv.

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Photovoltaic panels: cost and deductions due with or without law 104

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