Rain of non-repayable money for those who carry out these activities: driving


Non-repayable grants for retail trade are one of the measures included in Sostegni ter.

Thanks to the provisions of the Sostegni ter decree, retail operators will be able to count on grants for the relaunch of economic activities.

non-repayable contributions

Non-repayable contributions are foreseen in favor of retail operators, to support them in this delicate phase of our country, on the socio-economic level. To access the concessions, interested parties will be able to apply starting today 3 May and will have to use digital tools.

Here is a brief guide on this initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development, in the light of the provisions of the Sostegni ter decree.

Non-repayable grants for retail trade: the provision in the Sostegni ter decree and the requirements

If we ask ourselves in which measure the retail grants are based, the answer is very simple. They have been foreseen since law decree n. 4 of 2022, namely the Sostegni ter decree, which introduced an ad hoc fund for the retail trade. It is called “Fund for the relaunch of “retail trade” economic activities“. Its endowment is 200 million for this year.

In particular, it is a fund expressly aimed at guaranteeing the assignment of non-repayable grants in favor of retail trade activities, which respect the requirements set out below:

  • legal or operational headquarters in the territory of the State and be duly constituted, registered and “active” in the Business Register;
  • not be in voluntary liquidation or subjected to bankruptcy proceedings for liquidation purposes;
  • not already be in difficulty as of 31 December 2019, as per the definition in art. 2, point 18, of EU regulation no. 651 of 2014 of the Commission.
  • not to be the recipients of disqualification sanctions based on art. 9, paragraph 2, letter d), of the d. lgs. n. 231 of 2001.

In order to benefit from non-repayable grants, retail operators must also comply with a requirement linked to annual collections. In fact they:

  • must present an amount of revenues linked to 2019 not exceeding two million euros;
  • must have undergone a reduction of sales in 2021 not below 30% compared to 2019.

The requirements also include the identification of the activity according to specific Ateco codes.

Non-repayable grants for retail merchants: when to apply for the subsidy?

In particular, all retailers who want to be assigned non-repayable grants will be able to make the ad hoc application from noon on May 3 until noon on May 24, 2022.

As previously mentioned, they must refer only to the IT procedure (the reference link is https://misedgiaicommerciodettaglio.invitalia.it).

In a notice of Ministry of Economic Development the indication that the temporal order of submission of applications does not entail any advantage or penalization in the process of handling the requests. In other words, this means that with regard to the granting of concessions, the applications presented on the first useful day will be considered just like those presented at the last moment, ie by 12 noon on 24 May.

It goes without saying that the applications presented after these deadlines, as well as those presented not complete with all the information requested, or presented in ways other than those provided for by the rules, will not be taken into consideration by the Ministry.

But be careful: the aforementioned concessions are in any case provided in compliance with the limits and conditions set out in Section 3.1 of the ‘Temporary framework for state aid measures to support the economy in the current emergency of COVID-19 ′. This is also a very important requirement, which outlines the profile of the measures under consideration.

How to apply

Access to the web procedure for accessing the benefits provides for specific rules:

  • identification and authentication with the National Services Card (so-called CNS);
  • procedure reserved only for legal representatives of the applicant company, as shown in the chamber certificate of the same company;
  • the applying company must be in possession of a certified e-mail.

It is important to emphasize this last point: in order to send the application for obtaining the contributions in question, the interested party is obliged to have an active certified e-mail box (PEC). The PEC must be registered in the Business Register.

In summary, finally, we reiterate that companies that mainly carry out an activity can access the contribution Retailwhich are characterized by an amount of revenues, linked to 2019, not exceeding 2 million euros and which have suffered a decrease in turnover in 2021 not below 30% compared to 2019.

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Rain of non-repayable money for those who carry out these activities: driving

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