Rare 2 euros: this is the rare coin that can earn you a good amount

Not just them Italian lire they can be rare coins. Beware of coins from two euros. Here’s what we’re talking about and how to recognize them.

A lot of coins pass through our hands every day. From banknotes to cents, we handle many pieces throughout our lives, from the largest to the smallest ones belonging to the new coinage.

Let’s just say it, the coins they are not much loved by the Italians, especially if we think of the euro cent. Its small size and almost zero value make it the most hated coin by Italians.

But leaving out the euro cent and focusing on the larger pieces, we will immediately realize that some specimens can be worth a lot of money.

Among the rare coins in circulation, special attention should be given to the 2 euro coins. The coin is undoubtedly the most loved by Italians and undoubtedly some can be worth a fortune.

It must be said that in order for a coin to be considered rare there are some variables to take into consideration.

Rare coins take on value if minted to celebrate special occasions, if they present “minting errors”, which make them unique for collectors and numismatics lovers.

The Moneterare.net portal, defines the parameters to keep an eye on to establish the economic value of a coin that we believe is rare.

For example if we are faced with coins minted for particular events they can receive the investiture of “Rare Coins” and consequently they can acquire such a value as to be worth a good fortune.

It is certainly not easy to find these rare coins but there are plenty of collectors willing to pay a lot of money. It is passion that drives them to pay these exorbitant prices.

Just think of it from selling these rare coins you can get to earn around 2,500 euros.

So which two-euro coins are among the most coveted today? Certainly we find the two euro little man who could collect a respectable figure.

Rare 2 euros: this is the rare coin that can earn you a good amount

In Italy and in Europe there are an infinite number of rare coins. Among those certainly most sought after is the version of 2 euro commemorative coin with little man which has aroused a lot of interest from collectors over time.

There are various versions and unlike rarer pieces it is easily found in circulation especially in supermarkets and shops.

It must be said that these dThe two euros were coined in 2009 for the tenth anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union by all the member countries of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the treaties that led to the creation of the common currency, i.e. the Euro.

The coin features the representation of a stylized little man with the left hand ending up as a horizontal euro line.

The name of the nation that issued it was also inserted in the engraving and at the bottom is llabeled EMU (or EMU depending on the country) with the date 1999-2009.

The author of the drawing is George Stamatopoulos, coiner at the Bank of Greece. Like the normal two euros, the 12 stars are shown and the obverse part is always the same as the coins in circulation.

They exist in circulation 15 types of these coins issued by 15 different countries, plus five different ones issued only in Germany.

Rare 2 euros: this is how much the two euro Italian little man is worth

The value of the 2 euro coin with little man when compared to other coins of value is not so high. If there are no minting errors, its value is not so high.

Even if on ebay, a copy of this coin with a minting error is sold for the figure of 600€. In fact, it is a collector’s item given the minting defect.

Here’s how to tell if it’s a rare coin

The title of rare coins must be acquired on the basis of certain parameters. The qualification of rare coins places a dividing line between the common pieces in circulation of daily value and the pieces coveted by collectors because they cannot be found and which can earn good money.

It must be said that there are many determinants that cause the value of the pieces to rise compared to the values ​​of common pennies in circulation.

Many times it is the minting error, the creation linked to particular events to determine the rarity in all respects.

But not only these qualities. There is also the circulation, i.e. the number of coins minted with a specific denomination. Of course, the lower the number of pieces in circulation, the higher the status of rare coin will be.

The secret to understanding if you are dealing with a rare piece is to submit it to the analysis and watchful eye of a professional in the sector who will verify its wear and tear and quality.

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Rare 2 euros: this is the rare coin that can earn you a good amount

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