Reimbursement email from the Revenue Agency: it’s a scam, alert from the Postal Police

High attention on the issue of scams and false emails such as the one linked to an alleged reimbursement relating to the Revenue Agency: the alert from the Postal Police

The theme that is linked to scams and false emails unfortunately never ceases to worry and attract attention, just as in the case of those that would be linked to an alleged refund linked to the Revenue Agency. The Postal Police reports it.

Fake emails
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There are many and different i fraud and scam attempts which you need to pay attention to, using caution and inquiring. In this case, for example, as can be seen from the analysis of the situation of Police post, it is about fake emails.

In detail, a campaign of phishing. Attempts like this refer to scams who try to to trick users to gain access to private data. It can be the case of email, passwords. Or even card and bank account numbers.

A phenomenon unfortunately always present, that of online scam, which plays, so to speak, on the fear of people. But also on the fact that they may not be informed on the subject of online security. And that in detail goes to mislead by exploiting for example ghostly offers, discounts and how high.

False emails and alleged reimbursement from the Revenue Agency: what it is all about

The question scams unfortunately it is always central and for this reason it is necessary to inform, update and deepen in order to always be prepared and not fall into any deceptions.

Think about telephone scams in relation to electricity and gas bills: here are the details to be explored.

But returning to the point in question and to fake emails, as explains, these recent cases see the bad guys impersonate the Revenue. In detail, they are going to propose presumed repayment possibilities. The bad guys taking advantage of the first name of Revenue as well as any logos, addresses and so on that look like the original ones.

It is explained that whoever agrees to click on the links reported, it will then be conducted on a web portal designed and made to be very similar to the original one. However, it is one trap through which, we read, the personal data of the subjects are saved.

Postal Police alert

On the portal PS Online police stationreads precisely in this sense of this new campaign phishing. The latter goes to take advantage of an alleged credit of a refund which would be tied to Revenue.

It is explained that it is a communication, which arrives precisely via email, which leads the victim to send their own credit card information. And this to allow the (false) issue of such alleged reimbursement.

One aspect is remembered that everyone must keep in mind. Namely that the Revenue Agency, like any other Body, never sends email communications that they have attachments which to do the downloads. Or links to click. As well as never requests personal and banking data via SMS or email.

And again, it is remembered that it is possible to consult the tax information through the personal area present on the Revenue portal. Furthermore, we read that if you receive a suspicious text message or e-mail, you are advised to never give out any personal data. Just as it shouldn’t never proceed to open attachments or click on links, if there were. It is good delete the message immediately.

In order to reduce the arrival of unwanted mail, the operating system must be updated frequently and an antivirus and antispam can be installed on each device.

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Reimbursement email from the Revenue Agency: it’s a scam, alert from the Postal Police

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