Rental contract for 1 euro per day, an unprecedented gift for these families

A gift that will surely please most Italian families, with a rental contract for 1 euro. How to get it?

Rentals for one euro –

THE rental contracts they are scary for Italian families, especially in a period like this when everything increases visibly. There are many people who cannot buy a house, much less give theadvance for a rentin most cases you are looking for a small, furnished property on the outskirts.

There is a particular initiative that offers a rental contract for one euro and it is an unprecedented gift. But how to get it and what to do? Let’s find out together.

Italian families, renting or buying a house?

It’s a moment of extreme delicacy for all Italian families and beyond. In fact, the bonuses are more and more and the subjects try to understand if they can meet the required requirements or not.

rent for one euro
Rent to a

When it comes to buying or rental house, the speech is long-standing and complicated. The mortgage and rent fees are high and no one can afford them, not to mention the banks that do not allow access to the mortgage given the missing requirements.

There is an initiative that might be welcome to many people, precisely because it offers a rental contract for one euro.

1 euro rental contract: what is it about?

It’s a particular initiative which could appeal to many people, especially Italian families who currently cannot afford a rental contract. In particular, we are talking about those who have dependent children and can benefit from this initiative which offers a rental contract for one euro per day.

rent new house
Rent a new

It basically looks like a concept impossible to assimilate, yet just think that this rent costs like a coffee or a subscription to one of the streaming platforms. It is not a dream but one concrete proposal which has a particular functioning: how does it work?

Who can benefit from the one euro rental contract?

The families that they will be able to benefit from this particular contract, will save up to 6,000 euros per year in rent. First of all, it should be noted that the opportunity has been made available by many Italian municipalities which are at risk of complete depopulation.

Many countries since North to South in Italy they have been gradually abandoned and now we want to do something, to refurbish them and to give an excellent opportunity to many families with children. One euro a day is symbolic and is a contribution that can be given to the municipality of Pedemonte in the province of Vicenza.

Rent for one euro
Rent to a

As anticipated, it is not the only one common who has put in place this opportunity and facilitation with houses for rent for only one euro. After five years of rent, the rent will rise to 200 or 250 euros per month.

In Ollolai – in the province of Nuoro – there is a similar initiative always with rent for one euro and it is to be taken on the fly.

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Rental contract for 1 euro per day, an unprecedented gift for these families

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