Revenue Agency, if you receive the “magic number” you save a third on diesel –

In these difficult times of crisis, when petrol and diesel prices rise and fall without warning and reached the dangerous threshold of 2.5 euros per liter just a few months ago, people are doing everything to save money.

There’s a reason cost-of-living increases are ubiquitous: gas and electricity bills double in the best-case scenario, basic necessities increase, and salaries not only stagnate, but layoffs at companies in the attempt savings are an ever-present risk.

It is therefore not surprising that, to make ends meet, they invent the most extravagant and ingenious tricks to save a few euros here and a few euros there. Of course, the cost of maintaining a car or a van for those who work with transport has a significant impact on the budget, and it is in these cases that it is impossible to avoid taking the vehicle and doing it on foot or by means of transport.

The magic number of the Revenue Agency: that’s what it is about

For many, angel number 6989 probably means nothing. For the world of road haulage, on the other hand, it means a lot: it is in fact the so-called “magic number”, a prodigious numerical code that provides access to a tax break for the purchase of diesel used for transport activities.

Oh no, we are not talking about agricultural diesel. Yes, that is a subsidized diesel that can be purchased at a reduced price to the commercial one, but it is used and exclusive for agricultural machinery and particular companies in the agricultural sector. If you are interested in its regulation, you can find all the details here.

It is rather a code, established on 9 November by the Revenue Agency, which when completing the F24 form, must be used in the “Inland Revenue” section, in correspondence with the amounts indicated in the column “Compensation of credit amounts”. In this way it will be possible to obtain the contribution, in the form of a tax credit, quantified as 28% of the expenses incurred in the first quarter of 2022. This contribution can be used exclusively for the purchase of diesel used in vehicles, which however they must necessarily be of category Euro V or higher, net of VAT and obviously credited with the purchase invoice.

Magic number concessions via the F24 form
Magic number concessions via the F24 form

The benefit can be used exclusively in compensation using the F24 form through the telematic services of the Revenue Agency to which, also electronically, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport sends the list of companies admitted to the benefit and the amount of credit granted, including variations and revocations, even partial. will always be theRevenue Agency to verify that the amount of the credit used in compensation does not exceed that indicated by the Ministryin which case the F24 form may be rejected.

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Revenue Agency, if you receive the “magic number” you save a third on diesel –

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