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Watch out for the messages that arrive. There is the announcement of the Revenue Agency, here is the official vademecum. Reveal all the information.

There are phishing emails, scams, which arrive at the address of taxpayers with fictitious requests for tax bills. Through a press release, the Agenzia delle Entrate Riscossione, has revealed all the details on these scam emails.

Numerous messages continue to circulate, scam emails, which aim to deceive taxpayers. Over the years, in fact, there have been numerous attempts to recover people’s data through this technique.

Revenue Agency, pay attention to emails

It seems that it is really the Revenue Agency to contact you by email but this is not the case. They are fake, false messages, scams that only serve to recover citizens’ data. It is also the Revenue Agency that warns all taxpayers of this danger.

Email is just a way for hackers to recover and steal your sensitive data. Pay attention, therefore, to these situations. This is the announcement ofAgency that warns everyone of this phishing message. Here are some examples of scam emails.

The last attempt they are making, to retrieve your data, is to send the message with this email: The subject is “Payment receipt – Transaction no. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN “. The text contains information on the payment transaction that was carried out online and was successful. In addition, there is also the possibility of viewing and storing the receipt through an excel type file.

This is a scam mail. The Revenue Agency invites, in fact, not to open the attachment at all. This is a fraud attempt to recover your data. For those who receive this email, they must delete it and not open the attachments.

What do I risk if I open the attachment? There is the possibility of having malware installed on your device, mobile phone, tablet or PC. Malware is a type of malicious software developed with the aim of infecting computers or mobile devices. Hackers use it for these reasons.

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In the press release of the Revenue Collection Agency, they are summarized all emails that absolutely should not be given credit.

It starts from: with the subject “Notification of payment folder no. NNNNNNNNNNNNNN “(with variable numeric code). The message is a scam.

As well as emails that come from: with the subject “Payment not made – Transaction n. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “(with variable numeric code). Or from: with the subject “Payment in installments of the debt Agenzia delle Entrate-Collection – Protocol n. ARnnnnnnnnn ”(with variable numeric code) with an invitation to view the documentation, by accessing an attached excel file called“ RAV_ARnnnnnnnnn_DA_1_A_5.xlsm ”.

Or still from: with the subject “Payment receipt – Transaction n. 202207482135136311 “.

The recommendation is that of never open attached files from messages coming from these emails.

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Revenue Agency, pay attention to emails – Investing on the web

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