Roof of the car, you have always had them there but you do not know what they are for: from today you will use them every day –

There are some accessory features, regarding our car, that we often ignore, but that we could exploit in a certain way. On the roof of the car, for example, there are parts that you’ve always had there, but never consider them. Read this guide so you know how to take advantage of it!

With the’use in question, can be drawn different utilities, which many times, indeed most of the time, the user does not consider. Why, therefore, not enrich your own car of functionality, when the basis for these functions is already present?

You have always had them on the roof of the car, but for various functionalities you will not have considered them, until now.

THE handrails of the car, for those who do not know, they are not only used for the simple transport of items or luggage that cannot be contained by the internal luggage compartment. There are several other features that can be attributed. Often times, the same prove to be suitable for these uses. Other timeshowever, in relation to use, it may prove necessary to buy one specific model, at a spare parts shop. Everything will clearly depend on the car model we have.

The rails are the longitudinal bars installed on the roof of the machine, on special holes. The main purpose is to increase the car’s carrying capacity. In addition to rails in itself, we can also add one structure created ad hoc between them, so as to improve the efficiency in the transport of the load. Naturally, this structure will be composed of longitudinal strips running from one end to the other, and which can be purchased, in relation to your model, in a shop from spare parts.

The longitudinal arches, which make up the handrails, are made of aluminum often, so as to guarantee the reliability in supporting the load. Usually the supported weight reaches up to 150 Kg. They do not only bring functionality, but contribute to distinguish, to a certain extent, the design style of the car, since they are placed quite in evidence and immediately catch the eye as roof overhangs. They are generally produced in three colors, black, gray, and polished chrome.

The extra features

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The installation of a tent, thanks to the help of the rails on the roof of a Porsche.

About them, we find the additional installation ofequipment times tolightingwhich could be very useful during camping or other outings, to illuminate, in the evening, a summer table during a picnic, and so on.

Beyond that, always think of the case of campingyou could install, with the help of the same, a curtain, a feature already present for the handrails in touring car. Real boxes for containers, luggage and more can also be installed. For that matter, even building materials, furniture, sports equipment, etc.

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Roof of the car, you have always had them there but you do not know what they are for: from today you will use them every day –

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