Sales at the Outlet, in line before opening: double-digit customer growth. A crazy day

NOVENTA – The assault began before the opening. The attraction of the first day of sales at the Noventa Designer Outlet yesterday attracted a large number of visitors to the citadel of fashion. Already at 8 in the morning, before the opening already anticipated at 9 for the start of the discounts on winter clothing, lines of customers lined up in front of the still closed Outlet stores, patiently waiting to be able to enter to make purchases , while rivers of cars continued to head to the Outlet.

The densest turnout of cars was during the morning, especially when leaving the A4 Venice-Trieste motorway exit where long queues of shopping tourists formed. Rows of vehicles also on the Calvecchia-Noventa link road and in via Calnova for vehicles coming from the city centre. The significant traffic, also aggravated by the heavy vehicles that passed during the working day, caused inevitable slowdowns, but without causing the blockage of the viability in the three-lane roundabout on which four directions join and the junction of the tollbooth. The over three thousand parking spaces around the Outlet were soon saturated yesterday morning but, unlike what happened in previous years, no cars were abandoned along the roundabout, also thanks to the presence of the local Noventa police, assisted by colleagues from San DonĂ . However, some episodes of wild parking occurred in the hotel area and along the exit from the toll booth parking area, with about sixty cars fined by the police during the day.
Traffic flowed again during the lunch break, with some slowdowns during the afternoon and in the evening, when there were further waves of arrivals. Many have preferred the industrial area to leave the car and take the free shuttle bus to reach the Outlet. The new Designer Outlet Link is also operational, offering train plus bus, and the shuttle service from Venice departing from Piazzale Roma at 9.25 and 1.25 and leaving from the Outlet at 4.05 and 7.35, with stop at Mestre station and Marco Polo airport.

Inside the Outlet, the streets and squares of the citadel were invaded by visitors for the whole day, so many that they favorably surprised the management of the Center itself, which did not expect such an influx on a weekday, a double-digit growth in attendance compared to the first day of the 2022 winter sales. Queues of customers formed at the entrance to many of the 160 boutiques all day waiting to be able to buy designer clothes at discounted prices. In addition to many Italians, also Croatians, Slovenians and Serbs who have always frequented the citadel of fashion on the occasion of sales and events.
Above all, stores of famous brands were taken by storm, such as Gucci, Prada, Armani, but also casual and sports clothing stores such as The North Face, Nike, Timberland and Lewis.
After this first day of sales, further waves of visitors are expected today, tomorrow and Sunday. And, as is now customary for the start of the discount season, the additional services already set up yesterday will be maintained. Even today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday 8 January, as well as next weekend, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15, the usual opening hours of the Outlet will be extended by two hours: from 9 to 21. The free bus service will also continue it connects the Outlet uninterruptedly to the industrial area, from 8 to 22, where it will be possible to find more parking than those close to the fashion citadel.

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Sales at the Outlet, in line before opening: double-digit customer growth. A crazy day

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