Saving on a full tank of petrol? It can

2022 was certainly not the year of the rebirth that everyone expected to experience after the more than two years of the pandemic from Covid-19, with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine which has turned into a real cleaver that has hit the finances of the Italians. The conflict, in fact, has led to the increase in the prices of gas, energy and fuel, with the cost of gasoline and diesel that has soared higher and higher reaching never-before-seen peaks.

Despite the cut in excise duties and the continuous extensions on discounts at refueling pumps (here we told you about the new government decision), filling up the tank in recent months has cost Italians more and more as they face a never-ending crisis. Here then is that many have decided to find alternative ways to save, finding an advantageous solution in the so-called white pumps.

White pumps, what are they

Present in many cities of the Italian territory, but also unknown to many, the white pumps are of the independent refueling stations, i.e. they have no logo and are not obliged to purchase fuel from a single supplier. These distributors, in fact, can decide to buy petrol and diesel where they believe best and, above all, where they consider it advantageous in order to guarantee the end customer a lower price than the most well-known brands.

Following the laws of the market, in fact, white pumps they buy where they want (thus often changing the supplier) offering greater convenience to the consumer without trying to earn with offers, promotions, points collections or loyalty cards. Specifically, the interest of these types of distributors is to sell as much fuel as possible in order to then attack the market and get the better of giants such as Eni, Q8 and Esso.

White Pumps, Advantage or Scam?

As mentioned, white pumps are present in most of the Italian territory and are not entirely new. The first ones, in fact, were born about twenty years ago and still operate on the market today, obtaining important numbers in the challenge to the big brands. But despite the fact that they are now well integrated, there are those who still have doubts about their work and the fact that at bargain prices is, in some way, a scam.

However, it is a false myth, as the fuel purchased and subsequently resold by the white pumps follows the same product control process of the most well-known filling stations. The quality standards, in fact, are the same and the only difference that allows independents to lower the price is the fact that the supply chain is shorter. It is as if the petrol of the white pumps, for example, were bought in bulk: greater convenience (Did you know that Google Maps can also help you save gas? We talked about it here).

The rumors about the possible risks of scam linked to white pumps have been chasing each other for years, but they are always seeded. To be sure, any petrol station could be harmful to our cars if the fuel is not checked and maintained in good condition (here we told you about the new diesel scam in Italy). In fact, if you refuel when the tanks are almost empty, the risk of damaging the car increases, as the pump will suck all the sediments deposited at the bottom of the tank.

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Saving on a full tank of petrol? It can

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