Saving on Gasoline, there is an easy method to apply: the result is guaranteed

Saving on gasoline, there is a simple method that can be applied: revealed how it can be done, the result is guaranteed

The expensive gasoline, with the Super and the diesel reached really crazy levels from the outbreak of the war in Ukraine onwards, he “suggested” to motorists to find the most varied methods to be able to even save a few cents. The Governmentfor its part, it has already intervened with the cut in excise duties by 30 cents per liter, extended until next September, enough to allow motorists to spend the summer holidays without further increases.

Petrol station (Ansa)

Especially the Southern Italythe gasoline in all distributors is well over 2 euros per liter; a real drain even for those who, inevitably, are forced to use the car or any motor vehicle for work. Yes, but how is it possible to save even just a few cents per liter when you go to the gas station to do something refueling?

The most immediate solution, but also the one that many already use, is of course the self service. Instead of using the operator at the distributor, refueling your vehicle independently involves savings that in the long run can also be really significant.

How to save at the gas station: technology in the field

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Also for save from the distributor, technology takes the field. There are numerous apps that indicate the closest petrol pump and, above all, the cheapest one in terms of price per liter.

Not all distributors, in fact, have the same prices and the most substantial savings are related to white pumps, in fact independent service stations that do not belong to the largest and most famous oil companies. These usually have a price decidedly lower and the savings are almost guaranteed. But how do you find out if they are close to home or if there is a distributor that has a cheaper price? As mentioned, there are some specific apps for this, both for phones with iOS operating system (therefore iPhone), and with Android operating system. Let’s go and discover the most famous.

The apps to download to save on petrol: what they are

Among the most famous there is of course Google Maps, probably the most used in the world for road signs. It is in fact specific to indicate the navigation path depending on which carrier is used for travel, from car to public transport even on foot.

It is constantly updated and more and more features are available. Among these, starting from last May, also the prices of the petrol pumps present along the route. Now you can see same on the map i prices applied per liter from various distributors. The comparison is immediate and intuitive, and the user can therefore choose which station to refuel at.

A real cult regarding the comparison of prices at service stations is Petrol Prices. It is available both on the App Store (iOS operating system) that Google Play (Android) and is perhaps the most famous for finding out where there is actually a price saving at the distributor.

By consulting this app – but there is also a web version – the motorist easily identifies which distributor closest to also has the cheapest prices, including those of LPG that are constantly updated thanks to the help of the users themselves, who help to always provide information. updated. This app highlights both the most “important” distributors and the white pumps.

Mobile app
Mobile app (Ansa)

Not just Google Maps, the other useful apps

Another useful app is Wazein fact the alternative a Google Maps for navigation. This, present in the PC version, also indicates the prices of fuels updated in fact in real time in addition to the “usual” functions linked to road and traffic indications.

For iPhone and iPad there is also iFuel, another app that announces the prices of petrol and diesel but also methane and LPG. This shows all the nearby petrol stations and allows you to save, therefore. It is always updated and, for those who wish, there is also a paid version, even more supplied and full of details.

Even the app ViaMichelin it is indicated among those useful for saving the distributor; obviously it is an App that indicates traffic in real time but also navigation maps and also finds the service station where you can save money from the distributor.

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Saving on Gasoline, there is an easy method to apply: the result is guaranteed

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