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For days, and in some cases for weeks, many online stores have begun to offer discounts in view of Black Friday. In fact, for some years now, shops have always started making offers before Black Friday itself (the Friday after the fourth Thursday in November) and always ending after, even beyond the following Monday, the so-called Cyber ​​Monday.

One of the most evident trends this year was that of smaller and specialized shops to bring forward discounts only for their “loyal” customers, i.e. usually those who have subscribed to their newsletters, or who have never signed up but for a few reason they receive them. So if you’re looking for some bargains, a good idea might be to go and check the dedicated inbox where the promotional emails end up looking for some discount codes, or sign up now for the newsletters that might be of interest to you. Meanwhile, below you will find a list of some of the sites that offer discounts between today, tomorrow and the next few days, with some specific recommendations.

Appliances and generalists
For those looking for some bargains on household appliances and technological products such as smartphones, computers and smart TVs, there are thousands of offers these days, in particular on:

  • Media World: there are already some offers in progress and others will arrive between today and tomorrow and until November 29th
  • Unieuro: the offers are already in progress and will end on Sunday 27 November
  • Euronics: The discounts started on November 21st and will continue until November 29th
  • Amazon: does as every year thousands of more or less interesting discounts: here we have reported some of them
  • eBay: there are discounts up to 70 percent indicated as Cyberdays. On eBay there are often advantageous offers on products that are rarely discounted on Amazon: for example these days the iPhone 13 (those released last year) from 128 gigabytes in promotion on the site they are the cheapest around, they cost 750 euros. The Second generation airpods (highly recommended by the editors of the Post who have an iPhone and can’t stand earphones with rubber tips) they cost 120 euros, the lowest price on the internet.

As always in these anniversaries, it happens to come across discounts that are not real discounts or that are actually less advantageous than they seem, because companies offer them as such, taking advantage of the fact that many people do not know what the price was before the promotion . There is no single foolproof way to find these scams, but with technological products and household appliances doing so is easier than with anything else. First of all, it can be useful to check with tools such as, which ranks all the sites that sell a certain product online in order of price. Or with Keepa And CamelCamelCamel, two tools that show the price trend on Amazon but which can also be useful for evaluating the prices of other sites, given that often things on Amazon have among the lowest prices online. All of these sites use the same earnings system for affiliates who sometimes uses the Consumismi section of the Post.

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Cosmetics and perfumes

  • For Black Week, Sephora discounts from 25 to 30 percent on many products, including boxes suitable to become Christmas gifts, such as those of the Drunk Elephant brand
  • Also on the site of Douglas Black Friday Week is underway with 25 percent discounts on many products
  • For “the week of Black Friday” on Lookfantastic there are discounts of up to 50 percent on some products and an additional 5 percent discount by entering the code CYBER
  • Pinalli’s website has announced that it will make discountswhich will probably start on Friday
  • The site of cosmetics and perfumes Marionnaud offers 33 percent discounts on everything: an editor will take the opportunity to do a supply of Biotherm Deo Pure deodorantsthe only ones she uses because they don’t make her sweat or smell for more than 24 hours: normally they can’t be found for less than 20 euros while these days they cost 14.

Some discounts for Black Friday Il Post

Some discounts for Black Friday Il Post.webp

  • For the entire month of November, the site of skin products Deciemwhich includes those from The Ordinary and Niod brands, is discounting 23 percent on all products
  • The site of products for the body Here is Green discounts up to 40 percent on selected products
  • The famous brand of creams and products for the skin Kiehl’s discounts 25% on everything and 30% if you spend more than 149 euros
  • Vera Lab, the brand of the Cinica Beautician, began in early November to discount its products by 40 percent for subscribers to its newsletter. From 25 to 27 November the discounts will be open to anyone


  • The online multi-brand clothing store Asos offers discounts of up to 80 percent, plus a further 15 percent discount if you reach 30 euros, with the code HAVE15
  • For Cyber ​​Week, the multi-brand site Zalando offers discounts of up to 70 percent
  • The site of Benettons is 30 percent off select items
  • The luxury clothing site Yoox discounts of 25 and 35 percent until November 24th then we don’t know, but new promotions will probably arrive
  • The clothing store especially underwear Oysho offers discounts of up to 50 percent from Thursday at 10 pm
  • Uniqlo offers discounts for Black Friday from November 24th to December 4th on sweaters, duvets and fleece jackets: in particular we recommend the cashmere gloves, even if it must be said that they cost what they cost last year, not discounted (30 euros instead of 40 )

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  • The site of furniture and things for the home Archiproducts is up to 40 percent off select products through November 28
  • There are already discounts on the French homewares and clothing site as well La Redoute
  • The site of “design” objects Made in design makes discounts of up to 50 percent on some things: we point out in particular those of Hay brand and of Selectedat a 20 percent discount
  • The online wine shop Tannic has daily promotions on a selection of wines and other discounts on bestsellers
  • Reborn offers discounts of up to 50 percent on selected products
  • The “design” sex toy site Lelo, which we wrote about with enthusiasm on many occasionsdoes discounts up to 60 percent and to the readers of the Post it adds an additional 15 percent: just enter the promotional code ILPOSTBF before purchasing

Some discounts for Black Friday Il Post

  • LEGO will offer discounts from Friday 25th to Monday 28th November
  • On IBS extension there are discounts of up to 40% on some games and 20% on DVDs, records and vinyls, as well as on books from publishers who are doing promotions these days, as Sur who is giving 20 percent off all her books released before six months ago through November 30
  • The quirky hosiery brand HappySocks it’s 25 percent off everything, and the luxury hosiery brand Rooster up to 50 on some products
  • The historic chocolate brand Venchi offers discounts of up to 50 percent on selected products, including this tasting kit at 50 instead of 100 euros

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  • Until November 30th Storytel proposes a two-month subscription offer for 2 euros
  • Colvinthe site that delivers flowers and plants to your home, offers 20 percent off everything with the code NATUREFRIDAY
  • The brand Nespresso has a few coffee machines, capsules and milk frothers on offer
  • From Friday the organized travel site We Road get up to 200 euro discount on all trips departing from 15 January 2023 bookable from 25 to 27 November
  • For each flight purchased (but not during the Christmas period) Ryanair charges another one half the price


Disclaimer: with some of the sites linked in the section Consumerisms the post has an affiliation and gets a small share of the revenue, with no price changes. But you can also search for the same things on Google. If you want to know more about these links, here is a long explanation.

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Some discounts for Black Friday – Il Post

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