Stellantis: the previews of MIMO 2022

Five-zero car, the kind that most enthusiasts can only dream of. But also many, many models with much more affordable costs. At MIMO 2022, parked on the platforms distributed in the streets and squares of the center of Milan, there is something for all tastes and budgets, all on the launch pad or fresh off the landing on the Italian market, representing about fifty brand names. In this article, in particular, we focus on some of the most interesting previews and news of the Stellantis grouplanded in force at the Milanese open air show.


The launch version could be ordered as early as February, when the model had just arrived in the United States, but for most visitors to the MIMO it remains an absolute novelty. The landing in the Italian dealerships of the new one Jeep Grand Cherokee is set for this month, only in the rechargeable hybrid version: the 2.0 turbo-petrol four-cylinder is coupled, connected to an eight-speed automatic gearbox, an electric motor, for a total power of 380 hp and a maximum torque of 637 Nm (according to the house, in the city you can travel about fifty kilometers without using the heat engine). To say the least impressive dimensions, with a length of almost five meters and plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The price? A little salty, given that the price list starts at 94,000 euros (here to know more).


L’Alfa Romeo Tonale is a model that will have to guide the recovery of the Milanese house, increasing its sales in Italy and Europe, it is an SUV with sporting ambitions and ambitions, unlike the vast majority of competitors, decidedly more devoted to comfort and driving in relaxation. The compact with raised wheels of the Biscione, just arrived in the Italian showrooms with a price list starting from just over 35,000 euros, is undoubtedly among the special observations, in this second edition of MIMO. Stelvio’s “little sister” represents the new face of a brand steeped in history and passion, and is the first piece of a future to be written (here our first contact with the car).


Modern and gritty like the sedan from which it derives, but larger (+28 cm in length) and suitable for long journeys, the Peugeot 308 SW it is not a novelty in the strict sense, having been on sale in Italy for a few months now. The extended wheelbase guarantees more space for rear passengers, while the luggage compartment capacity, of 608 liters, does not differ much from the previous generation model. The mechanics are that of the sedan: the engines are all turbo, and the petrol (1.2 three-cylinder) and diesel (1.5) versions are joined by the plug-in hybrid, with a 1.6 petrol engine combined with a powerful electric motor. Prices from 26,000 euros (here our test of a pre-series specimen).


Compared to all the ancestors, the new one Opel Astra marks, in terms of style, but not only, a gigantic leap in category (here our first driving impressions of the 179hp plug-in hybrid version). Under the skin it is closely related to other models of the Stellantis group, including the French cousin Peugeot 308. Its trump cards? A simple and essential look inside and out and the space on board, comfortable for four adults (even in five, thanks to the almost flat floor, it is not cramped). She is comfortable and lively with all the engines. The only flaw, the trunk, not very large. The price list prices starts at 24,500 euros.


It’s not all new there Citroën C5 Aircross, but benefits from a “refresh” that makes it up to date. Original is original, and this is its beauty, for those looking for a medium-large size SUV with a slightly unconventional style. The seats are well padded and very comfortable, ideal for taking on a long journey, with the rear ones able to slide individually. Prices starting from 28,700 euros (here to know more).


Waiting to enrich its range with three new models, which will be the first, in the Stellantis galaxy, to embrace the electric revolution (here to find out more), the Turin-based company focuses on glamor. There Lancia Ypsilonthe second best-selling car in Italy after the Panda, always loved by the female public for its compactness and elegance, with the brand of Alberta Ferretti it’s even more chic (here to know more). The price list starts at 18,500 euros.


Elegant, sophisticated, with a clear French flavor. There DS4 it is a car that stands out for its sophisticated design, the quality of materials and assemblies and remains among the finest pieces of Stellantis’ premium offer, at least as regards medium-sized cars. The range of engines is quite wide, with petrol, diesel and rechargeable hybrid units and powers ranging from 131 to 224 hp. The interior is large, welcoming and well-kept. THE prices start at € 31,750.

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Stellantis: the previews of MIMO 2022

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