Superbonus building, what will change in the procedures and in the assignment of credit Who will see 110% confirmed?

Building bonuses: great anticipation for what the new government will do. Between those who already have construction sites open, and perhaps blocked due to the difficulty of assigning credits, and those waiting to open them, the uncertainties are many and are mixed with the uncertainties in finding the materials and equipment to set up the same sites. Without forgetting that the rules on the subject have already registered about twenty changes: a vailamme for technicians, users and businesses.

Everything is linked to the Budget Law and to the need, in the meantime, to refinance the bonuses to which those in compliance with the procedures are entitled. And then there is the declared desire to recalibrate all these tools to avoid distortions and abuses.

Certainly from 1 January 2023 goodbye to facades bonuses and architectural barriers bonuses: the superbonus will be usable until the end of 2023 only for condominiums and also for public housing, albeit with limitations. From 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024 the rate will drop to 70%. At the end of 2024, eco-bonuses, ordinary seismabonus and restructuring bonuses, furnishings and gardens will also expire.

For the refinement, at least 23 billion will be needed, the difference between the planned 33.3 and the 56.3 committed, moreover by limiting itself to super bonuses it saves energy without considering those for anti-seismic improvements.

Will the credit transfer really restart? And will the post office continue to be the oasis of those who have ventured between bonuses and rules? Sworn translations and checks, albeit added in the running by the Draghi government in the face of the emergence of abuses that have actually penalized even those who were already in good standing, certainly will not decrease, but the transfers should be streamlined. Too bad that in the meantime – and every day the scenario gets worse – the banking institutions have raised their share of earnings. The tax credit granted has dropped – if we talk about 110% – from 105% to 100% and has now plummeted to 94%. And not everyone can afford to deduct the entire amount in order not to suffer these cuts.

Will the Ance, the national association of building builders, be heard, which has asked to extend the deadline by a few months? Difficult: in the meantime, the new government wants to reduce the rate to 80% to bring the estimates back to prices resulting from comparisons and competition which, with the costs all borne by the state, had ended up in the cavalry. After all, Draghi also thought so.

And how to reduce the complexity of the procedures? It is clear that with 110 the owners of apartments in condominiums were all in agreement (they did not come up with euros) and improved the energy efficiency of the building. If, on the other hand, we have to put our hands in our pockets, the discussions in the assemblies will ignite. There is also a standard way to the eco-bonus (75%) with fewer bureaucratic steps and deductions diluted in 10 years and no more in 4.

And who has already started work, perhaps adapting (and it was not easy) to all the new rules desired by the penultimate government? Protection, in these cases, should be guaranteed. Then the announced question of tying the bonuses to income or to the class of properties, or luxury ones, is difficult. We can talk about it in independent single-family homes, but in condominiums the question would become very complicated to apply.

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Superbonus building, what will change in the procedures and in the assignment of credit Who will see 110% confirmed?

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