Supermarket receipts and ATM withdrawals: this is how the new tax office keeps you up

The government shows no sign of diminishing the intensity of its fight against tax evasion and money laundering.

Inevitably, the government is targeting the cash money. In fact, it has been argued for some time that it is cash that favors tax evasion and that without cash the many black payments that allow evasion would be impossible.


The Government therefore would like to have only traceable payments but this is impossible and therefore i checks become tremendously intense right on ATMs and everyday expenses.

The new taxman is aiming at everyday life

Let’s see what changes with the new taxman. Many times both from the Government and from the press releases of the Revenue Agency it emerged how the new tax assessments will focus on smaller and more daily habits of the taxpayer’s life.

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This is absolutely possible today because the so-called superanagrafe of current accounts allows you to monitor even the smallest movements of money and consequently discovering what Italians are doing at the ATM becomes very simple. So ATMs, current accounts and credit cards will be monitored very carefully. But let’s see what can raise doubts regarding the ATM.

The ATM is a risk

A family that does too many ATM withdrawals in relation to its economic situation it will certainly raise doubts because there will be a disconnect between what is declared in the tax return and the actual standard of living of the family. But even withdrawing too little may not be considered a sign of thrift and prudence but simply that the family benefits from cash receipts that are hidden to the taxman. Even the shopping that is done every day is a strong index held in great consideration by the Revenue Agency.

Supermarket and ATMs in the sights

In fact, the Revenue Agency has equipped itself with powerful algorithms based on artificial intelligence precisely to be able to fathom the huge amount of data which come from the super registry of current accounts. Therefore it is not difficult for the Revenue Agency to cross-reference the various expenses that the citizen does as well as various withdrawals and eventually have a painting decidedly detailed of the real standard of living of a family unit. If this standard of living appears to be misaligned with respect to what results from the tax return, it will be clear that something is wrong. The computerized and automated checks of the Revenue Agency today they are focusing precisely on this, that is, on being able to reconstruct the everyday life of the taxpayer in a very clear way.

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Supermarket receipts and ATM withdrawals: this is how the new tax office keeps you up

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