Telepass, the monopoly is over. Now go through the toll booth also with UnipolSai. Here’s how much it costs, how to join, how to withdraw

ROME – UnipolSai challenges the Telepass launching the first large-scale alternative to the yellow and gray box that allows you to pass the motorway toll booths without stopping to pay the toll. The launch of the new device – UnipolMove – breaks the monopoly that was owned by Telepass, a company created by the Autostrade group in 1997 and controlled 51% by Atlantia (Benetton), and 49% by Partners Group. Monopoly that lasted for a quarter of a century.

The timing for the initiative could not have been better, with seven million customers Telepass that the letter with which the electronic toll company announces an increase of 0.57 euros per month for the Telepass Family. Increase that brings the annual cost close to 22 euros. Then the cost of the additional device (Twin option) increases by 0.28 euros per month.


On its website, UnipolSai explains instead that:
– its service works for cars and motorbikes with a displacement of at least 150 cc;
– the fee for using the device is free for the first 6 months;
– after these 6 months, one euro per month will have to be paid;
– a second device, which may be needed by the family, will cost 50 cents a month;
– to buy the service, you must have a bank account;
– UnipolSai reserves the right to verify our “creditworthiness”;
– if it does not consider us reliable, UnipolSai may not activate the service;
– if we do not pay three invoices, you can withdraw from the contract and then close it.

Beware of two other possible costs. We can activate the function Pay per Use. It means that the monthly fee is triggered on the first highway passage. If we do not use the device for a month, the fee is not triggered. The activation of the Pay per Use function has a one-off cost of 10 euros. Workers who use the company car in a mixed way – for professional activity and for private life – pay a pass of 5 euros. All the rates we have listed are VAT included.

The registration

To purchase the service, you must register on the UnipolSai website or app. The site and the app ask us for various personal data (such as social security number, residential address, email address and mobile number). Then they submit the privacy policy to us for reading. We signed up and met two problems (on the site) Although ours is a Roman residential address, the site has indicated a UnipolSai agency in Naples and one in San Donato Milanese as useful places to collect the device. Not exactly comfortable.

The Naples agency indicated as the pick-up point

The Naples agency indicated as the pick-up point

Soon after, the site did not allow us to complete the purchase of the device. We were blocked by one error screen. We then understood, with difficulty, that the purchase through the site is reserved for people who have an active UnipolSai policy or for those who have had one that has expired for less than a year.

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There is also the application

In addition to the website, the purchase of the service can be made in one of the company’s agencies or through the UnipolSai Assicurazioni application. And in fact the application – unlike the site – has allowed us to go on with the purchase procedure and to read the pre-contractual information (updated March 2022). The information provides useful information:
– after purchasing the service, we can ask to receive the device at home (free of charge);
– the insurance coverage for theft, loss or damage to the device is the responsibility of UnipolSai;
– the customer who suffers the theft of the device, loses it, breaks it – therefore – does not have to pay anything;
– UnipolSai undertakes to replace the stolen, lost or broken device;
– the device can be associated with a single plate and a single vehicle;
– multiple vehicles cannot be associated with a single UnipolMove device.

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The withdrawal

The installation of the device in the car or on the motorcycle is the responsibility of the owner. The membership contract the UnipolMove service – reads the company’s website – can be canceled at any time “without closing costs or penalties”. These are the rules for canceling the contract:
– to withdraw from the contract, a communication must be sent to UnipolSai;
– after registering on the site or app, we have our own reserved area;
– a withdrawal form is available in this restricted area;
– for the contract to terminate, UnipolSai must receive back the device or devices we use;
– these devices must be sent back within 20 days from the sending of the cancellation of the contract;
– the address where to send the device (or the two used by the family) is: UnipolTech warehouse – c / o Integra – Via Umbria 7 (42122 Reggio Emilia);
– if Unipol does not receive the device or devices within 20 days from the notification of the withdrawal, it may apply a penalty of 25 euros for each device.

European legislation

“We are the first operator to have obtained the certification with the new European regulation of the European electronic toll service. Thus, thanks to our ten million car insurance customers to whom we can offer the product, we have entered a market where until yesterday there was no ‘were alternatives “, says the Chief Beyond Insurance Officer of UnipolSai, Giacomo Lovati.

The end of the monopoly of Telepass had been sanctioned by the European directive 2019/520 on the interoperability of electronic motorway toll systems, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree 153 of 5 November 2021. Currently the only alternative to Telepassbut only for heavy vehicles, was represented by the system developed by Dkv.

UnipolMove, on which the Bolognese group has worked for over a year, is a further step in the strategy of expanding services for mobility, where Unipol is already active in roadside assistance, maintenance and direct damage repair, in the long-term rental and online sale of used vehicles.

In addition to raising the bars of the motorway toll boothsUnipolMove will make it possible to pay fines, car tax, parking, LTZ and refueling.

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Telepass, the monopoly is over. Now go through the toll booth also with UnipolSai. Here’s how much it costs, how to join, how to withdraw

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