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What is the most innovative machine of this year? If you think it is the Tesla you are very wrong.

The winner of this title is Hyundai’s Genesis. JD Power’s study, called the Tech Experience Index (TXI), rewards the Korean brand as the most innovative automotive brand of 2022. Elon Musk’s carmaker didn’t even make the list.

The TXI Innovation Index is a tool created to provide a unique measure that includes both i levels of penetration of advanced technologies (Market Depth) either consumer assessment of qualityà of these technologies (Excellence in Execution). Both measurement indices have the same value. Drivers want the latest technological innovations for their vehicles, but above all they want them to perform well.

The JD Power study measures the ability with which each car manufacturer to bring new technologies to the market. The measurement takes place on a scale of 1,000 points, where 35 different technologies are considered, divided into four macro categories: convenience; emerging automation; energy and sustainability; infotainment and connectivity.

The consumer evaluation index is based on the responses of 84,165 owners of new vehicles from the year 2022 who were interviewed 90 days after purchase. The interviews were conducted from February to May of this year.

Who are the most advanced brands?

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The Korean car brand Hyundai ranks at the top of the non-premium rankings of the most innovative brands, and fourth in the overall one that sees the podium occupied by Genesis, Cadillac and Mercedes Benz.

Providing advanced technology solutions to meet our customers’ needs is at the heart of our product development and dealer training strategies”Are the words of Ricky Lao, director of Hyundai Motor North America. “The key is to make these innovative features easy to use and offer them to a wide range of customers. We also provide extensive customer training at our dealerships to ensure consumers have the best experience with their vehicles“.

At the top of the overall ranking there are obviously high-end brands, but even the cheapest brands know a lot about technological innovation. Both Hyundai and its Korean cousin Kia (in eighth place) rank above the industry average. Completing the podium for the large market is the US brand Buik, of the General Motors group, 13th on the final standings.

Tesla was excluded from the ranking, because it did not line up with the study criteria. Polestar, another premium electric car manufacturer controlled by Volvo, and the Dutch brand Stellantis suffered the same fate.

Innovation, a double-edged sword

An interesting finding from the study is that many automakers see technological innovations as a double-edged sword. The same tools designed to simplify the driver experience become an element of complication and frustration in the event of a malfunction.

Kathleen Rizk (head of JD Power) highlights how the risk of implementing a fallacious technology that alienates consumers can scare car manufacturers to the point of limiting their innovation.

The fingerprint scanner is an example of this phenomenon. JD Power reports how users of this particular technology experience 54.3 problems for every 100 experiences: “many owners simply don’t want it in their vehicles, due to its poor performance. “

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Tesla, huge trouble for Elon Musk: he comes out destroyed | The devastating collapse – PASSIONEtecnologica.IT

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