The 4 crops to plant absolutely to make money quickly if you have a vacant lot

Even if agriculture in Italy is certainly not the most profitable profession, there are plantations that make a lot of money. And for those who inherit an abandoned land or have the possibility to request it from the Municipality, investing in plantations could be interesting. If you intend to devote yourself to crops, it is certainly unwise to compete with large agricultural enterprises. Not lavender, sunflowers, or fruit trees, therefore, but better to plant more sought after and exotic crops to have a guaranteed income. Obviously it is necessary to “get your hands dirty” or delegate the heavier jobs to farm workers. But if you choose certain plants, the extra income is guaranteed. So these are the 4 crops to plant absolutely if you want to have a secure income from your abandoned land.

What is best to cultivate to make a lot of money?

First of all it is good to understand immediately what the peculiarities of the terrain and to adapt the type of plantation also to its size. If you have land that is not exposed to the sun, it is useless to plant tomatoes, for example. Before starting the farmer’s adventure, it is also good to do a market analysis to understand for which products there is a possibility of earning. And for which, instead, there is a saturation of production.

But let’s see, in broad terms, what are the things that should be cultivated to have a certain profit. If the soil allows it and the windy conditions are favorable, a choice could be bamboo. These ornamental plants, in fact, are sold at very high prices: for a medium-sized plant the earnings are over 100 euros. Furthermore, it is a cultivation that does not require particular attention and, therefore, also suitable for those in the first experience. From a mother plant it will be possible to generate new specimens that will allow to expand production without too high investments.

The 4 crops to plant absolutely to make money quickly if you have a vacant lot

Another very profitable plantation is the ginseng which costs 10 euros every 30 grams. Known as a substitute for coffee and for its energy properties, its use has become widespread in recent years. Even if its cultivation is very profitable and allows quite high profits, it requires a lot of patience and attention. The sowing of the seedlings is in the fall and takes at least 6 or 7 years to bear fruit.

For those who have patience and perseverance, then, the ideal could be the saffron obtained from the pistil of a flower. It is a very delicate flower that requires care and attention as well as a moist soil but able to drain well. After sowing the flower grows quickly and lasts for a couple of weeks in which the precious pistils must be removed to be reduced to dust. A gram of saffron sells for 20 euros and this shows how precious it is.

Finally, a product in demand both in Italy and abroad is pistachio which sells for 50 euros per kilo. Bronte’s also reaches 70 euros per kg. Although it is not very difficult to grow, the growth of the sapling that produces pistachios takes up to 6 years.


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The 4 crops to plant absolutely to make money quickly if you have a vacant lot

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