The best-selling cars of 2022 in Italy: find out what they are

Like every year, in January we find ourselves summing up the year that has just ended. Unfortunately the 2022 that has just passed has not been an easy year, but rather full of difficulties.

We have witnessed continuous increases in petrol prices (who knows what will happen in 2023) but also in bills and many other goods and services. In any case, as far as the car sector is concerned, thanks to the rankings drawn up by the UNRAE, we know which were the most successful cars in 2022, the best-selling and most appreciated by Italian customers. Let’s see the Top Ten.

The best-selling cars in Italy

In tenth place in the standings we find Peugeot 208, with a total of 25,826 registrations. 2021 had also been splendid for the little one from the Casa del Leone, which is once again confirmed as one of the most popular cars in the Bel Paese.

Then follows Toyota Yaris Cross, to the ninth place of the ranking of best-selling cars in Italy in 2022, with 26,023 registrations. Model that won the title of World Urban Car. Launched in 2021, the Toyota Yaris Cross is being developed to follow the needs of European customers and represents the perfect marriage of Toyota’s rich experience and know-how in designing city cars and SUVs.

Eighth place in the Top Ten occupied by Toyota Yaris, which will sell 27,813 units in Italy in 2022. A true icon, it is the model that has marked the history of the brand in Italy, marketed today in its new variant. Since its introduction in 1999 the success continues, Yaris is a winning model, which can be defined as a brand within a brand.

Ford Puma in seventh place, it sells 29,477 units. It is the SUV-inspired crossover from the Casa dell’Ovale Blu, able to combine an exterior design with sinuous lines, the greatest load capacity in the category and also available in the price list with the innovative EcoBoost Hybrid engine.

It is the turn of the Jeep Renegade, with a total of 29,953 registrations, it is in sixth place among the best-selling cars in Italy in 2022. Today, the great success of the model is due to the 4xe variant, which constitutes a fundamental stage for the electrification of the House merged into Stellantis.

In the middle of the standings, in fifth place, we find another icon: the Citroen C3, with 31,878 units sold. The model in the price list now adds a vast series of electronic driver assistance systems to the energy of the design and the comfort of the passenger compartment, for maximum safety. The car displays a modern design, capable of expressing that sparkling personality which also in previous generations has decreed its great commercial success. One step away from the podium here Dacha Sandero33,922 units sold, one of the most popular models on the market.

The podium

And here we are: what are the three best-selling cars in Italy in 2022? In third place is the Fiat 500, with 33,996 registrations. The supremacy also continues in 2022, and there is also with her Launch Ypsilon, with 40,970 units sold. The podium is totally Stellantis, since she is always in first place: Fiat Panda, the best-selling car ever in Italywith 105,384 registrations in all.

In recent days we have talked about the leadership of the Stellantis Group, which in the year that has just ended was crowned as the leader in Italy in the market for LEV vehicles, those with low emissions with the plug.

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The best-selling cars of 2022 in Italy: find out what they are

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