The Fiat 500 becomes a little demon: performance never seen before for the little one in the house [Video] –

That extra pinch of pepper was enough to transform the famous Italian small car into a little devil with all the credentials to triumph in an acceleration race against other racing cars: let’s see what they have done.

We could call it Piccola Peste or Diavoletto, they seem perfect names for a car that has undergone a simply ingenious modification by a foreign tuner: since they couldn’t fit the engine of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini back there, they chose something less showy but just as powerful. Ladies and gentlemen, a motorcycle engine was enough to make the 500 more powerful of its mass-produced Abarth version.

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Bad but not too bad

It was the year 1957 when the Austrian-Italian brand Abarth presented the first version of the really bad Fiat 500 and suitable for the track, the New 500 Abarth based precisely on the second series of the famous small car. After all, the car lent itself perfectly to becoming a miniature Porsche thanks to its excellent structural characteristics and rear engine compartment.

Weighing just 470 kilograms, the car could become a real splinter with the right engine. Thus was born the Abarth 595 followed soon by the Abarth 695, cars that take their name from the capacity of their engine and which have also been re-proposed during the new millennium by the brand owned by Fiat. The rear position of the engine allowed the owners to easily take care of any further tuning of the vehicle, which made it very popular indeed at the time.

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It was very little

At the time, Abarth’s tuning was really extreme if possible push cars at speeds above 130 kilometers per hour only now, with modern tools, tuners can do much better even in their own garage. In fact, the small car that you see in these pages has undergone a decidedly aggressive tuning that even manages to eclipse that of the very famous Austrian-born tuner built in the 1950s.

We are talking about a modified Fiat 500 from Z Cars, a tuner of British origin who lines up an all-black car with an interesting gimmick to dramatically increase its power. What could easily fit into the small engine compartment of our country’s most famous small car? A motorcycle engine, of course. And then, better choose the most powerful one ever seen in the world!

Swooping falcon

That’s the engine in question of Suzuki Hayabusasports motorcycle that is remembered as the road bike fastest ever seen in the world – it reached 312 kilometers per hour according to official specifications – so powerful as to push Japanese and European manufacturers to find an agreement not to pull too much with the governments of the Old Continent worried about this escalation motoring!

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The tuning of the British house in Ashford includes the installation of the engine in the rear compartment, a all-black livery complete with a roof decorated with a checkered flag and of course the inevitable widening of the tires, replaced with wider tires that make it more unlikely a road exit of the vehicle, now equipped with an unimaginable power for the basic model.

The power of the car that is worth remembering weighs less than half a ton is now 197 horsepower – imagine what such power must mean for a car that barely has an airbag and seat belts! Quickly nicknamed by enthusiasts like Fiabusathe car will presumably be illegal on the road at least in Italy but look here how it behaves on the track.

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The Fiat 500 becomes a little demon: performance never seen before for the little one in the house [Video] –

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