The gigafactory Stellantis of Termoli will start in 2026

The company has outlined the steps for the transformation of the main Italian engine and gearbox factory into a modern center for the production of batteries for electric cars. The complex will operate at full capacity in 2030, employing over two thousand workers

From engines and gearboxes to batteries for electric cars, the fate of the Stellantis factory in Termoli had already been known for some months. Now there is more detailed information, which emerged after the meeting on June 27 in Rome between the company and the unions. After a gradual decline in the two-year period 2024-2025, the production of gigafactory it will begin in 2026, to reach full capacity in 2030 with over two thousand employees. The operating industrial entity will be the Acc joint venture, created together with Mercedes-Benz and Total.

the stages of the gigafactory in termoli

In 2023, the ACC joint venture will begin to acquire the areas to build the solar panel “power station” that will provide the necessary energy. In 2024 the current pace will begin to decline, ending the production of foreign exchange. A peak of one thousand redundant workers is expected in 2025. At the same time, there will be a gradual resorption with specific staff training, part of which will take place in the French structures of Douvrin. The Fire engine will end production in 2026, the premium thermal powertrains will continue for a few more years. Also in 2026 we will start with the production of batteries, therefore the real activity from gigafactory. The plant will operate at full capacity in 2030, when it will have to churn out accumulators for a total capacity of 40 GWh per year. It will employ more than two thousand people. An investment of around seven billion euros, also including similar factories to be built in France and Germany.

stellantis plan for termoli, the trade unions

In a joint note, the representatives of the trade unions Fim, Fiom, Uilm, Fismic, Uglm and Aqcfr declared after meeting with the management of Stellantis: “On the positive side, the company’s plan potentially leads to full reemployment. But there are some critical issues, which we will have to tackle together. First of all it is to be formally ensured that Acc undertakes to take on all the workers currently employed in Termoli, then in any case there will be a period of unloading work that will require accompanying social safety nets and that we will have to try to make it as less burdensome as possible for the workers. In addition, an appropriate travel treatment must be guaranteed for any period of work and training to be carried out in France. Finally, we ask for an agreement that offers the maximum possible protection in terms of regulatory continuity and salary for all workers involved In order to solve these problems, the next meetings will have to involve the incoming joint venture and Acc and then of course the local and national institutions. But we are confident that we will be able to find the right answers for the workers, since the result is of great importance: the reconversion of the largest engine factory in Italy and the employment of over two thousand workers “.

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The gigafactory Stellantis of Termoli will start in 2026

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