The ideal car for getting around the city

The winning recipe of the new Dacia Spring, right from the moment of its market launch, certainly is the combination of a crossover look and small size. The electric city car of the brand’s range is in fact appealing for its SUV appearance, which follows the trend of our times, but also because it is compact and skilfully moves through the streets of the city and in the parking lots of urban centers.

Dacia Spring never ceases to amaze us, the widened wheel arches and the rounded bonnet give it a robust appearance, but the compact dimensions – 3.73 meters long, 1.58 in width and 1.51 in height – facilitate every movement, even in the busiest areas. A perfect town, the ideal companion for daily commuting. Dacia Spring owners make 5 to 9 trips around the city daily, covering an average of 31 kilometers at an average speed of 26 km / h. Autonomy allows you to do one full charge per week and to fully experience urban mobility.

The success of Dacia Spring

The electric crossover of Dacia boasts the availability of four real seats on board, but also a large luggage compartment of about 300 liters and a range of up to 305 km in the city (230 km WLTP), it is also distinguished by its contemporary look, accentuated by the orange personalization of the bodywork and interior. That’s not all, because with the free MyDacia app it is possible to obtain data on the battery level in real time on the smartphone, avoiding any autonomy anxiety. The services offered by the app are free for the first 8 years. In fact, all Dacia Spring owners access on average at least once a day the dashboard offered by the application, from here in fact they have the possibility to obtain all the necessary information on the status of the vehicle.

Dacia Spring boasts unprecedented success, in fact, in recent months it has also become the protagonist of shared mobility through the car sharing Zity By Mobilize, which started on June 23 in the city of Milan. The cars on the territory of the Lombard capital are a total of 450, available in 100% electric free-floating car sharing for the community and manageable directly via the app.

The new cool identity of the Dacia urban crossover

With the new brand identity, launched in June 2022, Dacia Spring changes its look. It remains true to its robust and compact lines, but starting later this year the city car will be equipped with the new Dacia Link logo, which will be placed in the center of the grille and wheels of the new vehicles. Composed of a stylized D and C joined together like the links of a chain, the new symbol does not go unnoticed, and will give more prominence to the brand, symbolizing at the same time strength and simplicity.

The logo on the rear and on the steering wheel is also new: the deliberately minimalist letters are lightened to keep only the traits necessary to recognize them. Other design evolutions are added, such as the introduction of the Schist Gray color for the roof bars and the new Lichen Kaki color, whose shades are reminiscent of moss and earth, which give the range an even more outdoor look. Waiting for the arrival in the dealershipstoday we can admire Dacia Spring and the rest of the cars of the brand in their new guise thanks to the innovative Dacia AR app, previewing what we will be able to see on the road at the end of the year.

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The ideal car for getting around the city

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